It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already, but we’re thrilled to celebrate our first anniversary in Calgary. To mark the occasion, we’re bringing The Rhapsody Institute with us, starting with Business Epics on November 10th and the first of many Catalyst Series seminar workshops on November 12th, 2015. Leading these two events for us will be Steve Osmond, business coach and Rhapsody’s Western Canada Regional Director.

“I’m excited to introduce the Institute’s incredible programs here in Calgary,” says Osmond. “As a professional and business coach, I know the immediate and sustainable impact these programs have on leaders and their organizations.”

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Joining Steve for these events in Calgary will be Eric Deschamps, General Manager and Lead Coach at Rhapsody Strategies. “We’re excited to launch The Rhapsody Institute in Calgary,” says Deschamps. “The Institute has been enthusiastically received everywhere its programs have been delivered – in Canada, the United States and Australia – and we’re thrilled to have Steve launch these interactive and dynamic programs on the first anniversary of Rhapsody Strategies in Western Canada. This will help Steve offer his clients impactful choices on how to serve them and their businesses.”

What is the Rhapsody Institute?

Most training workshops offer painfully predictable, run-of-the-mill sessions, with instructors and attendees just going through the motions. But how do you become a top performer when you’re doing run-of-the-mill?

We created The Rhapsody Institute to challenge how you think, identify obstacles that are tripping you up, and show you how to create a new vision that is compelling and powerful. You’ll leave with skills that will make an immediate, lasting & powerful change.

Our facilitators are experienced industry leaders that will help you apply changes that are specific to your organization. They’re coaches, not lecturers. You will be encouraged to personally interpret the course content so that it resonates with you deeply.

We take a strategic, comprehensive approach. We build the leader to build the organization. We give you the skills you need to perform at your best.

Introducing The Catalyst Series

A catalyst accelerates change. It sparks new ideas. It creates energy and momentum.

That’s the vision behind The Catalyst Series here at Rhapsody.

These 2-3 hour immersive workshops are designed to ignite new thinking, energy, and action in crucial areas of your life and business. Led by our world-class presenters and filled with like-minded entrepreneurs who know they’re meant for more, The Catalyst Series will drive your results forward and rev up your transformation.

So Calgary, what’s in store for you over these two days in November?

Business Epics Breakfast, Tuesday, November 10th, 2015, 8 – 10 am, Cora Restaurant, 4600 130th Avenue S.E., Calgary.

Business Epics is Calgary’s new ‘no-read’ book club for business leaders. As a leader, you know you need to learn and grow. But with so many competing priorities clamouring for your time and attention, personal growth and development often take a back seat. Business Epics focuses on the best books that have shaped business and leadership in a significant way. Every month, you join other like-minded leaders for a two-hour breakfast meeting where Steve Osmond distils the core message of one of these Business Epics and focuses on how you can apply that message to your unique situation.

Catalyst Series Seminar: Team Dynamics: How to Fast Track Your Staff to Maximum Performance, Thursday, November 12th, 2015, Noon – 3 pm, The Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre, 1316 33rd Street N.E., Calgary.

It’s been said that employees are a company’s most important asset and can make or break your business. Yet many leaders struggle with staff members that are phoning it in and not reaching their full potential. Team Dynamics: How to Fast Track Your Staff to Maximum Performance provides strategies for you to coach and transform your employees into a highly engaged and committed team and help your business reach the next level.

Take the Next Step

Are you and your business meant for more?

Now’s the time to take the next step to propel you, your team, and your business to higher levels in 2016.

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