Steve Osmond – Master Coach

I love helping people succeed! My greatest feeling of accomplishment comes when I help individuals and organizations overcome obstacles. I’m the type that always sees possibilities and consistently rejects cynicism and hopelessness.

Clients come to me because of my track record. Throughout my career I’ve helped clients produce growth while giving them a feeling of belonging; that they don’t have to do this alone! I help them see the possibilities, set achievable goals, and execute the game plan. My clients will tell you they know I have their best interests in mind.

I’m at my best when I’m having fun. I’m fueled by fun, adventure and belonging. That’s why I love what I do. I love being part of the adventure my clients are on with their business, and being part of the team that helps them realize their goals.

I like to inspire leadership through powerful business assessments and strategic planning, and “keep the ball moving down the field” through accountability and consistent catalytic feedback.

I firmly believe that making the right decisions, even in difficult times, will win the day and propel businesses and business leaders into their preferred future.

The greatest compliment I’ve had from a client? “I feel like you really care about our us and our business.”

My best piece of business advice? See the possibilities, seize the opportunities!


Life needs more green lights.

Steve Osmond

Master Coach


We love the process and are so encouraged with our business goals, etc.
Steve totally rocks, and has given Jamie and myself such great insight into where we can soar in our business. We are so excited to continue using Rhapsody and Steve for the growth of our company. Can’t say enough great things.
Jamie Graham

Owner / Operator, JMG Renovations

Steve with Rhapsody has been a critical part of my company’s success. We would not be where we are today without his coaching services and awesome support materials.

Peter Pilarski

Vice President, CIPR Communications

Steve continues to challenge us and help us propel forward. Even in Challenging times, Steve is a steady voice of reassurance. It is so empowering to know there is someone in our corner – cheering us on.

Christina Pilarski

CIPR Communications

Going through a Rhapsody JumpStart allowed me to collectively process my vision and thoughts into written form. Steve had me set goals and seek accountability. Furthermore, the JumpStart provided me tools to know myself better and equip me to communicate better with others. Steve became one of my biggest cheerleaders towards success.

Overall, it was a excellent experience, I highly recommend others to go through it as a first step towards something amazing! I believe it will save many people time and money as they take steps towards the entrepreneurial realm.

Cheryl Guyong

Travel Ambassador, Owner, The Travel Agent Next Door

“Steve has an incredible knack for helping people embrace new ideas and shake off old rigid thought patterns. Instead of sabre-rattling he uses a far more powerful technique. He poses simple questions with a gentle voice and then pauses so they can really sink in. It’s a great skill for a coach to have.”

Roger Grant

Chief Branding Strategist , Identicor

Steve has allowed me to think about my business and my role in the business in a new way. I have new energy and new focus. I’m excited about the future and I see a clear path forward!

Christina Pilarski

CEO, CIPR Communications

I hired Steve as my Business Coach, and have also been working with him on my public speaking after being asked (on short notice!) to speak by the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). Despite my fear, I couldn’t say no to such a good opportunity. I reached out to Steve, who has dramatically helped me improve my public speaking. I have gone from having a terrible fear of public speaking to now being more confident in my newly founded skill.

My business increased 30% in the first 6 months with Steve as my Business Coach. AND, on top of that, REIN has made me a regular public speaker on a monthly basis. These are not small seminars! The room is usually filled with 100-300 investors, which is huge exposure for my business!

It is truly real what they say; visibility = credibility = profitability. Thank you again Steve, you’ve really helped me with my business in ways that other coaches couldn’t. I owe this success to you.

Kim Nguyen

Mortgage Associate, Mortgage Alliance

I was really struggling with an expensive marketing initiative. It wasn’t working and I was pretty sure the problem was me. I met with Steve and I can honestly say his professional and thought-provoking approach saved me thousands of dollars and stopped me from throwing out a great marketing initiative. As we talked through my issues with the strategy, he gently led me to see that I was not only my own problem, but I was also the solution. He showed me how to turn things around and today I’m delighted to say the time I spent with Steve has had a major impact in growing my business. Thanks Steve!

Todd Schmekel

Financial Adviser, Edward Jones

If you’re in need of professional coaching services, I highly recommend Steve Osmond at Rhapsody Strategies. Steve is a dedicated and hard-working individual who is always looking to improve the lives of others. He will work with you to help achieve your goals and build a successful future for yourself.

Mickey Pendergast

Strategic Partner, Schooley Mitchell

Steve Osmond is one of my favourite communicator’s. He has mentored me through example. He is personable, a great listener but can cut right through excuses to get to the core of the issue. He is a successful speaker because he seeks to understand people. He identifies with the pain of others and meets them where they are. From there he helps raise you up with key words and phrases. When he looks at you it’s like he can see the deep insecurities that you thought only you knew about or were alone in. However Osmond has a way of speaking empowered truth into those dark places with great conviction, you are compelled to believe what he says. Now I do the same with my audience across Canada and Internationally. I gained the boldness to step out and start my own speaking business, and give back to the community by empowering youth and teen girls. Steve Osmond helped me to believe that I can soar when those around me would rather crawl.

Alison D. Springer

Youth Communications Specialist & Executive Director & Founder, Greater Than Communications/Young Women of Power

You will never just get a one-line answer from Steve. His feedback is always positive, well thought out and rich with thought provoking information. I started working with Steve because I was worried my five year old ecommerce retail business was plateauing and I needed help getting back on track. Steve’s coaching has totally reinvigorated my passion for the business. With his guidance I have developed and implemented systems that help me focus on what matters most – time management, finances, marketing strategies, opportunities for growth. Steve was a good fit for me right from the start, he is kind, funny and patient; and he keeps our coaching sessions on track and focused. I always leave our conversations with loads of takeaways and excited to get working on my list of tasks. Since working with Steve I’m happy to report that my sales have seen a 49% increase, I am less stressed about money and I have a strategy that is setting me up for success.

Alanna Banks

Founder, Fridays Off Fabric Shop

Steve is amazing to work with. The financial investment associated with working with him is easily justified and I would recommend him to anyone looking for coaching.

Robert Carpenter

Owner, Seven Designs Inc.

What I truly appreciate about working with Steve as my business coach is his innate talent and ability to help me identify where I am today as a leader, consider where I want to be, and then help me pave the way to get there. It’s not about his opinions or how he thinks leaders should operate, Steve’s style is that of helping you to carve out your own solutions for the world in which you live, with solid guidance based on his extensive knowledge and experience. He truly takes the time to get to know his clients’ environment. Steve’s coaching has given me tools to successfully implement change, with results that will directly benefit patients across the country and around the world.

Dena Mercer

Director, OneMatch Stem Cell Network and Donation & Transplantation Program Policy, Canadian Blood Services

Steve has forced me to address the Big Picture issues within my business–that can often be lost in the day-to-day grind–by helping me focus time to guide the business, keeping focused on the future, and taking specific steps to get things done.

Teri Tetreault

President, Pi Business Solutions