Throughout my career I’ve always sought to inspire individuals and organizations to reject mediocrity and reach for greatness. Clients come to me because they’re stuck. Regardless of what’s holding them back, they want to get better results and break through to new levels of impact and success.

I’m fueled by a passion to help people achieve their full potential and make a significant impact on the world around them. And I’m at my best when engaged in honest, courageous conversations about personal and organizational transformation. I ask the tough questions and make it safe for my clients to explore difficult issues. When they are willing to be honest and authentic, willing to take action to bring about positive change, their organizations can achieve powerful, transformational results.

The greatest compliment I’ve had from a client is, “I can’t talk to anyone else about this stuff. You really get me.” What a sacred trust! Behind every business is an individual or a group that really wants to do something special. Deep down they know they’re meant for more. They have dreams and aspirations of building something meaningful, making a difference for their clients, and providing a great life for their family. I have the privilege of being invited into their story and helping them achieve it. Powerful stuff!

My best piece of business advice? Get clear on who you are and why your business exists, and let that sense of purpose guide every decision you make. Make your mission your North Star. That amount of focus will lead to incredible results and will place you among the top performers and influencers in your industry.

My best piece of social media advice? Be social. Engage. Don’t just push out content. It is “social” media after all.

When you blame others, you give up your power to change.

Eric Deschamps

Business Coach



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I have had business coaches in the past as I have in all the sports I played at amateur as well as professional level sports.
Eric is able to draw out the issues and conversation flows easily. I have recommended Eric to my friends as well as clients because I see value in what he does.
Milan Topolovec


The training was not only fun, refreshing and insightful, but it left me feeling EMPOWERED! Empowered to better help my coworkers & the business grow; empowered to feel confident that my voice will be heard & empowered that we will all work as a team for the better of the business. It was a great day.

Dominik Leonard-Smith

G. Michael Simpson Professional Corporation

We have been working with Eric and Rhapsody Strategies for business coaching for many years now, and will continue to do so on a long term basis. They have helped us greatly in enhancing our communication skills, identifying areas that need work, crafting our messaging to align with our identity, and providing us with valuable guidance on managing our people through times of change.

Eric is approachable, knowledgeable, a great listener, and has been very adept at navigating and guiding us through some highly challenging times.

Monika Dhawan

Apollo Physical Therapy Centres

I highly recommend Eric to anyone who is looking to reach their potential in their journey as a business entrepreneur or in an executive leadership role. Eric is extremely passionate about helping people succeed and his natural ability to be able to resonate with you combined with his wealth of experience and knowledge as an entrepreneur and business coach makes working with him pleasant and rewarding at the same time. Congratulations on what you and your team have done with Rhapsody. Your coaching system and methods have proven very helpful not only for me but for many of my clients as well. Keep up the great work!

James Nguyen

Chief Investment Officer, Grafoid Inc.

Eric is a highly driven and genuine professional. A fantastic communicator and an exceptional listener. I have had the privilege to counsel with Eric when I first started my journey of business success with a two-person operation to my current 10-person team. Eric and I brainstorm and speak with candour about real business owners issues. 10 on 10 for Eric!

Marc Morency

Owner, Assurance Morency Inc. at The Co-operators

With only 65% of the work we are doing with Rhapsody Strategies being completed, I was able to take a two-week holiday for the first time in 12 years and barely thought about work the entire time I was away. As a business owner, I’ve always believed this to be an impossible achievement! I had grown painfully accustomed to the 500-700+ emails a day I would have to manage during our busy seasons. With the work we have done with Eric, this has been reduced to 25-75 emails a day. Working with Rhapsody Strategies has been an unbelievably life-changing endeavour and the work we have done to date has revolutionized the way my company runs, and more importantly, the way I run the company. We have more work to do, and I can only imagine the impact that this will have on our innovations and improvements moving forward!

Hands down the best money I have ever spent for my business!!
Sally Clelford

President & CEO, Face 2 Face Events Management

Eric, I wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you. After twenty-four years as a successful businessperson, I was skeptical about coaching. Boy was I wrong! I immediately went to work implementing one of the strategies you coached me on and two weeks later I closed two new clients for a total of $23,880 in new business! That’s business I would not have got had it not been for your coaching.

Teeka Tiwari

Founder/President, Conversion Coaching

I had never worked with a coach that took the time to research our goals and design a program focused on each person’s personal development. You got to know us prior to meeting us so that the training would be more relevant. I would definitely recommend your training and coaching to businesses, large and small, that want to improve their performance.

Graham MacNab

National Pre-Owned Manager, Mercedes-Benz Canada

Over the years, I have read many books and been to countless seminars and workshops. I was fortunate to meet Eric and had the opportunity to attend several workshops which provided me with an immediate return on my investment. Rhapsody Strategies is working with a number of my friends/clients with exceptional results. I am getting so much out of coaching with Eric and encourage you to engage with him.

Milan Topolovec

Owner, Inner Orbis

Eric has been integral in helping the partners in our company stay on track, accountable to each other and always moving forward. I highly recommend Eric to anyone in need of clarity for their business!

Nik Topolovec

Partner, Waterbridge Creative Media

Eric is an amazing coach. He fully listens to your issues and helps you step by step to solve the issues at hand. His insightful and positive attitude has helped me grow not only as a manager but as a person. The confidence that I have gained from his sessions are priceless.

Chrissy Barkley

Clinic Manager, Apollo Physical Therapy Centres

I’ve greatly benefited from my coaching sessions with Eric, who has provided the advice, strategies and tools needed to launch a start-up firm. He inspires, listens well and provides the motivation and determination to stay focused, leap to the next level and achieve your goals. His professionalism, resourcefulness and creativity is a must for business owners and professionals.

Nissrine Ghannoum

Founder/President, Leap Consulting

We operate a fast paced law office with high pressure, high demands and high stakes. As a result we need a well oiled machine to run efficiently. Eric has helped us oil the machine and fire it up so that we can run on all cylinders without compromising quality or efficiency. He excels in human relations and is very devoted to his clients. He is proactive and is always well prepared for all of our coaching sessions. Given the bilingual nature of our law practice, not only do we have an amazing coach, he happens to be fluently bilingual. We are thrilled to consider Eric as a member of our team.

Marc Simard

Owner, Simard & Associates

Eric is a great coach. As a business owner, you sometimes need to have an opinion from outside the box and this is exactly what Eric provides. Eric brings clarity and together, we have initiated a business plan that fits my goals. Definitively an asset to me.

Yves Lacroix

Owner, Diresco Inc.

One thing I have learned is that you will achieve a similar level of success as the people whom you surround yourself with. If you want to BE a winner, surround yourself with winners who give good counsel. Eric fits this bill perfectly. He is grounded, energetic, smart, and funny. I truly believe that there isn’t a human alive that wouldn’t benefit from having Eric at their side as a coach.

John Deagan

Founder, The Professional Business Coaches Alliance

More Testimonials

Hiring Eric as our business coach was the best investment in our company. Now we are more focused, everyone knows their roles, we have more direction as to the implementation of our long-term goals and we are more committed to our clients. The light at the end of the tunnel is not far away. Thanks, Eric! -Sue McCormick, Mortgage Solution Team

Eric will push your limits leading to exceptional results. Speaking from experience, he pushes you to look beyond the daily restrictions and create direction that will lead to growth both personally and in business. I have no doubt, Eric will impact anyone he works with and create remarkable results. -Ben Lalonde, Owner of Orleans Autopro

Eric is the type of business coach that causes you to open up your mind to ideas and processes that either you never thought of or just plain thought were irrelevant. He has caused us to improve our Company on both management and agent training levels all with the goal to provide our clients with a better experience. -Stefan Krepski, Co-Owner of Capital Mortgages Inc.

Eric is an amazing business coach… He understands what it is that a business owner needs to do to create a successful business. He has given me ideas and tools to break free from “doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results” and has allowed me to actually see the goal I have for my business. Thank you, Eric for your wonderful advice! -Jody Grenier, Owner of Golden Ratio Tech Services

What a pleasure it is to write this recommendation. If you own a business and you want to make it better, contact Eric. I have worked with Eric on project development committees and as a fellow member of an executive board. He is always the most prepared, the most enthusiastic partner, and always well informed. Energetic and action-oriented, he is also a good listener and has helped move many projects forward for our group. Eric has a personal presence that could motivate a rock. You have met people who talk a good game but can’t deliver… Eric talks a GREAT game, and he delivers! He is an experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly, a successful, business owner and advisor. I have been in business for over forty years and a business coach for eight years and I always learn something important from Eric when we work together. I’m “old school.” Luckily, Eric is one of the most tech-savvy business coaches I know. When it comes to learning the most creative and effective web tools to market or manage a business Eric is the coach I turn to. Without reservation, I can say – contact Eric. -Kurk Lalemand, Founder/President of Next Level Business Coaching

Eric is an incredible business coach who developed a plan that got me results. His expertise in business and personal change helped me get my business on track with sales and marketing strategies. Eric cares about his clients and his dynamic personality shines through. I highly recommend Eric to anyone looking to improve their business. -Peter Koutras, Owner at Fast Track Fitness

Eric is an outstanding business coach. He has vast knowledge in business effectiveness and personal effectiveness which allows him to help business owners who either don’t know what to do next and also the business owners who do know what they should be doing, but aren’t doing it! I strongly recommend Eric to any business owner who wants to increase profits, increase company value, and learn how to gain more control over their own lives and their businesses. -Jon Denney, President of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance

Eric’s keen insights are invaluable in his pursuit of the right questions. No stone is left unturned and as a result, the right answers eventually come out. Eric’s excellence in coaching is, in part, due to having taken the time to fill his trade toolbox which he uses infallibly. I highly recommend Eric as the business coach to help you turn around your business or your career. -Catherine Fair

I met Eric through the Professional Business Coaches Alliance, an organization that upholds the highest standards for business coaches, to which we both belong. The PBCA is a group of Business Coaches in North America which is developed “BY Business Coaches, FOR Business Coaches”. Eric and I sit on the Executive Team for the alliance together, and I have had the pleasure of both collaborating with him on small projects as well as calling on him for expert advice. Eric is always willing to take the time to go the extra mile when he doesn’t have to and genuinely cares about helping others succeed. He is professional, engaging, extremely experienced, and always upholds the highest standard of integrity. He has the ability to get to know what a business owner needs in all facets of their business and their own leadership skills, and how to help the business owner reach their goals. I highly recommend Eric as an excellent business coach, and I consider it an honour to be a colleague of his and all the other coaches in the PBCA. -Cindy Piva, Founder/President of Thrive Business Strategies

Hiring Eric as my business coach has been one of the best things I have done for my company. After being in business for over 20 years, I am making changes and improvements that were long overdue. Some of these systems I have implemented from him had an immediate impact on my bottom line. Eric keeps me accountable and focused! I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their business and themselves. -Curd Hos, Owner of Hostyle Conditioning

I thought taking on a business coach would be a waste of time and money but once we brought on Eric as our business coach, our company has taken on a concrete direction of growth. Instead of being embarrassed of having a business coach, I am proud to say I have one. -Fabien Cauley, Co-owner of Bronson Johnson Seamless Eavestroughs

I know and admire Eric as a fellow business coach. He has the ability to challenge you, bring out your best, and do it with an empathetic approach. That may sound simple, but in the coaching profession, that is a rare individual. They say “it takes one to know one,” and Eric is definitely one of the best colleagues I’ve ever had the pleasure of friending. You won’t be disappointed! -Doug Christy, Founder of Pro/Vision Coaching

I’m lucky to call Eric my friend and Coach! Although I’ve only known Eric for only a short period of time, he has had a great impact on the way I think of my business. Eric has helped me recognize and reconnect with my talents, skills and strengths in the mortgage industry. Eric helped me reorganize the way I see myself in my business, and I have only taken baby steps with this amazing coach down the path to success… There is one word I can use to do describe this passionate business coach: systems. Eric is all about the systems. When you have a great system in place and you follow the system your business will grow. Do you have a system in place? Are you working with a plan? Take a moment to get to know my friend Eric. -Jacquie Bushell, Oriana Financial

We always come away from our meetings with you feeling like we can take on the world! You are good at what you do Eric! -Heather Cauley, Bronson Johnson Seamless Eavestroughs

Needing a business coach to help take your business to the next level quickly? Meet Eric. Since the first hour my course was positively altered. -Murray Comber, Life Concepts

Eric is a leader of leaders with a wealth of successful experience courageously empowering others. I commend him highly as a business coach. -Jim Herrington, Founder/Director, Mission Houston

Eric is a master strategist. If there is a way to get things done, Eric will find it! -Don Lachance

Eric is a person with a passion for life and helping people. His enthusiasm is contagious as he motivates and encourages people! -Don Miller

Eric is a strong visionary with skill sets that equip businesses and open doors to innovative solutions. -James Arreak, Owner, JAS Consulting

With Eric’s background in people, leadership and coaching, he will propel you and your business to heights you only imagined possible. -Sue Kent, Owner, Ottawa Tax Services

Eric has the amazing ability to inspire and challenge you to become greater. His personalized coaching will have you performing at your peek. -Dave Robertson