When you need results, you need them now.

JumpStart is an intense four-hour Coaching session specially designed to move your business forward quickly.


  • In-depth Understanding—Powerful insight into how your business is actually functioning using state-of-the-art assessments & diagnostics
  • Strategic Clarity—Absolute focus on your top organizational & personal priorities for the year ahead
  • Tangible Action—Identification of the exact steps your business needs to take next
  • Immediate Impact—Begin executing a clear 90-day Action Plan
  • Sustained Success—Tools & strategies to help you continue to build your business and strengthen your leadership
  • Heightened Motivation—Renewed connection with why you started your business in the first place

No matter where you are located, you can take the JumpStart right away. 


Why Leaders Love the JumpStart

Leaders consistently share with us what they value most about the JumpStart:

  • Clarity about what’s most important in your business today
  • Critical insights into every facet of your business
  • Being able to benchmark your performance against others
  • Focus on the priorities that MUST be addressed in the business
  • Specific actions you can execute in 90 days
  • Perspective into how you are leading and communicating

What Other Leaders Are Saying

Going through a Rhapsody JumpStart allowed me to collectively process my vision and thoughts into written form. Steve had me set goals and seek accountability. Furthermore, the JumpStart provided me tools to know myself better and equip me to communicate better with others. Steve became one of my biggest cheerleaders towards success. Overall, it was a excellent experience, I highly recommend others to go through it as a first step towards something amazing! I believe it will save many people time and money as they take steps towards the entrepreneurial realm.
Cheryl GuyongTravel Ambassador, OwnerThe Travel Agent Next Door

Where Do I Start?

Every day, leaders reach out to us. They know their business has some issues that need to be addressed.

Sometimes, they ask us, “What Coaching program should I use?”

The truth is we can’t always answer that right up front. We need to understand what’s really happening in the business.

THEN we can suggest what ongoing program is right for you.

A Powerful First Step

Sometimes you know you need to make a change but you don’t really know what to expect. Maybe Coaching’s been on your mind but you want to know more about what exactly happens.

The JumpStart is the perfect place to start. It’s a powerful, one-time Coaching experience—there’s no ongoing commitment. Then, if you recognize that ongoing Coaching is what you and your business really need, you can make that choice with confidence.

Don’t fear failure.

Fear being in the exact same place that you’re in today a year from now.

No More Excuses

Ever catch yourself making excuses?

Sometimes leaders say, “Yes, I know I need to start coaching, but …”. They follow it with an explanation about why now is not a good time—things are too busy, or too slow. There are transitions in the business. We’re hiring. We’re firing. You get the picture. There are always reasons you can put off coaching—we’ve heard them all.

What makes the JumpStart so attractive is that you’re not making an ongoing commitment. You don’t need to commit to the next year—you only need to commit to one powerful conversation. A conversation that can transform your business

It’s time to stop waiting. The JumpStart was designed to get you moving quickly—to help you get the results you need immediately.

We’ve delivered the JumpStart to hundreds of businesses. Over and over, leaders tell us that it’s worth every minute and worth every penny. They leave the JumpStart energized, excited, and ready to implement the plan that we put together.

If you’ve been looking at yourself and your business knowing that something’s got to change, stop waiting.

Take one step.

It will transform both you and your business.