Crisis Coaching

All Leaders Face Crisis.

These are the moments that define our leadership and our organizations.

Business Coaching

Transformational Results for leaders committed to growth

Executive Coaching

Performing beyond the limits you thought possible

Personal Coaching

Living Your Best life—in ways you’ve never dared

Coaching is About Results


First and foremost, Coaching is about getting the results you want—in your business and in your life.

We’ve committed ourselves to helping you become the most sophisticated leader you can be. To help you find the clarity and focus you need—not just to improve but to transform.

Whether you’re building an organization, dramatically improving your performance, facing a major crisis, or seeking direction for the future, we can support you.

It’s not always easy to choose a coach. We know, because we seek out only the top performing leaders in our industry. They are seasoned professionals in their own right. They’ve been down the paths you’re walking. They are certified, trained, and recognized both as successful business leaders and as trusted Coaches.

Whether we’re supporting individual leaders, teams & departments, or entire organizations across Canada, the United States, and globally, we bring the same level of focus, diligence, and expertise to each conversation.

The true measure of our success, however, is in the results that our clients have experienced.

Companies Transformed

Leaders Supported


Client Satisfaction Rating

Having Rob as our Business Coach has made such a positive difference in our organization. As a business with three owners, some topics are not easy to discuss, and some decisions are hard to get a consensus on.

Rob has helped us navigate those murky waters and we are stronger and more successful because of him. He has provided us with great tools to help guide us and his expertise in such matters has kept us on the right track of continued success.

He’s a wonderful guy to work with and he gets it. He has a wonderful sense of humor, making the process and time you spend with him into a great learning atmosphere, which is enjoyable and fun.


Patricia Pearson
CanPlan Event Management

With only 65% of the work we are doing with Rhapsody Strategies being completed, I was able to take a two-week holiday for the first time in 12 years and barely thought about work the entire time I was away. As business owners, we have always believed this to be an impossible achievement! I had grown painfully accustomed to the 500-700+ emails a day I would have to manage during our busy seasons.

With the work we have done with Eric, this has been reduced to 25-75 emails a day. Working with Rhapsody Strategies has been an unbelievably life-changing endeavor and the work we have done to date has revolutionized the way the company runs, and more importantly, the way I run the company. We have more work to do, and I can only imagine the impact that this will have on our innovations and improvements moving forward.

Sally Clelford, President and CEO
Face 2 Face Events Management

Steve has forced me to address the Big Picture issues within my business –t hat can often be lost in the day-to-day grind – by helping me focus time to guide the business, keeping focused on the future, and taking specific steps to get things done.

Teri Tetreault, President
Pi Business Solutions

Catherine has helped us identify management issues, staffing insufficiencies and become overall, more efficient. Catherine’s insight and experience was integral in facilitating the process of identifying our corporate values and in helping us to articulate a unique vision and mission statement that reflects the culture of Hamel Design & Planning Inc.

On a personal note, Catherine’s efforts have been extremely beneficial in helping me with my time management, thereby liberating personal time to be with those I love and to pursue my passion for the arts that I have long sacrificed for my business.

Jacques Hamel, Owner
Hamel Design & Planning Inc.

To have a business that is working well and a group of co-workers that truly enjoy coming to work is wonderful.  But how do you take that business and make it great? Noble Bowman with Rhapsody Strategies has been a true God send!  He has been working with DermaHealth staff to assist us in learning more about ourselves and each other. He has been assisting us in setting goals personally and as a business.  Striving to create the best work environment where each staff member looks forward to coming to work each day and assisting our clients by increasing their confidence.

Loving what you do daily should be exciting and to find meaning and purpose in what you do daily is something we strive for.  If you desire the best business and environment achievable, call Noble and see the difference he can help you make.

Cheryl Briggs
DermaHealth Laser and Skin Care Clinic

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