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You’re ready for the next level, but how do you get there?

We created Rhapsody Strategies to be there in that moment…

Business Coaching

Does it seem like your business owns you instead of you owning your business? Working with a Rhapsody Business Coach is the fastest, most effective way to transform your organization into a successful business.


Vague abstractions don’t cut it, there are too many others also talking to your customers. You need to connect with people in their hearts. Creating that kind of message requires a different approach.

Public Speaking

Our team has worked with teams around the world to connect, motivate, instruct, and engage. In fact, we also lead programs that are designed specifically to improve the public speaking capabilities of your team.

Business Training

Most training is painfully predictable and run-of-the-mill. That’s why we created The Rhapsody Institute. Our programs go beyond conventional training. They’re designed to make a powerful difference in your performance. And they work.

It’s time for a different conversation. Let’s talk.

Good Leaders Laugh at Themselves

There's no doubt that the work that we do with clients around the world is serious business. We're with them through the ups and downs they experience. We're with them in powerful moments when they gain clarity into themselves or their businesses. The work we do leads...

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Hiring the Right People

If you fail at hiring the right people for your organization you’re in for trouble. Maybe you’re already there and that’s why you’re reading this. Let’s hope you’re not, because the risk to your organization is so high.   What’s so Risky About a Poor Hire?...

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Public Speaking: Now More Than Ever

Public Speaking to Stand Out For leaders looking to stand out in their field, public speaking is becoming more important than ever. You’re not the first to realize that, and neither are we. Take a quick look around and you’ll see that just about everyone is claiming...

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