Coaching with Rhapsody

We All Have Our Limits

For each of us there’s a time when we reach a boundary. We get to point where we’ve used every bit of knowledge, skill, and technique we have — we know there is more that we could do, but just can’t seem to access it. We see others continuing to transform and grow but can’t seem to make that happen for ourselves.

Basically, we hit the limits of where we’re able to take ourselves. And it’s at that point you have a choice: You either stay stuck or you get help from others to grow. 

Coaching is about helping you go further so you can get the results you need.


If you’re a business owner or leader and you know your organization can perform better, we can help. Our Business Coaching services are specifically designed to help you get the results you’ve been looking for.

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Executive Coaching, Rhapsody Strategies, Business Coach, Business Coaching

There are moments when each of us reach the limits of our professional capabilities and need to develop new ones that will propel us to success. That’s where our powerful Executive Coaching can help.

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If you’re a leader then you will face crises. There will be times when you are pushed to your personal and professional limits. In those moments, we have the unique and skilled resources you need to make it through.

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Personal Coaching, Rhapsody Strategies, Business Coach, Business Coaching

Living your best life — your One Life — means looking at it in ways you’ve never dared. Our Personal Coaching program was designed with clinical oversight and draws on the skills of our deeply experienced team.

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What Sets Rhapsody Coaching Apart

  • A Powerful Team. There’s a risk when you work with a single coach … they never want to tell you they can’t help. But everyone has their limits. Because we have an entire team of Coaches, you never have to wonder if we have the expertise to support you.
  • Certified Coaches. Each member of our team has earned the qualifications that set them apart in the industry and that ensure you recieve the expert support and guidance you need to succeed.
  • Award Winners. Our Coaches are recognized in the industry. They have received a range of awards for their Coaching (e.g., Coach of the Year, Rookie Coach of the Year) as well as for subject matter expertise (e.g., Webby Award for online marketing).
  • Distinguished in Business. A successful Coach doesn just know about business, they’ve lived it, worked it, and succeeded. They are your peers in business and bring their in-depth experience together with extensive resources and methodologies to support you.
  • Our Coaches are Coached. We get asked regularly how we have grown so strong so fast. The answer is easy: Everyone at Rhapsody has a Coach — it doesn’t matter what their role or tenure is. Why? Because it works.
  • Unparalleled Support. An entire Support Team works behind the scenes to make your experience seamless, easy, and powerful. They’re serious in their commitment to supporting you every step of the way.
  • A Deliberate Approach. Coaching doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a powerful, structured process. No two organizations and no two people are alike, so our processes are adapted to address your specific circumstances.
  • Equipped with the Right Tools. Our size enables us to invest heavily in the tools, resources, methodologies, relationships, and models for every situation. We’re ready and able to help address every challenge you’re facing. 
  • Accurate Assessments. The assessments we use are among the best in the industry — any industry — at diagnosing the challenges you’re facing. We have also developed our own powerful resource — the Rhapsody Business Assessment — to more rapidly and accurately identify the most important issues you’re facing.
  • Research & Development. Rhapsody undertakes its own R&D using the extensive data we have collected through the Rhapsody Business Assessment as well as through the application of our own in-house Innovation Program.