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Summer is here. You’ve crossed the year’s halfway mark, and it’s time to check in on your results so far. How are you faring? Conducting a midyear review is essential to achieving your full potential. These seven questions can help you assess your progress and make the necessary course corrections.


Conducting a Midyear Review


1. How is my business performing relative to my goals for the year?

Reflect on the business’s progress toward the goals set at the beginning of the year. If you’re off track, it’s essential to understand why. This reflection will allow you to adjust your approach or set new objectives more aligned with your business’s current reality.

2. Have the circumstances or factors affecting my business changed significantly?

Assess whether there have been changes in the market conditions, competitive landscape, customer behaviour, or regulatory environment that could impact your business. Your goals should adapt to these changes if they are significant.

3. What are my business’ current key strengths and weaknesses?

Knowing “where we’re strong” and “what’s wrong” is crucial and part of the SWOT Analysis model (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Understanding what works well and needs improvement will allow you to redirect efforts where required.

4. What new opportunities and threats have emerged that I should have considered at the beginning of the year?

This is the second half of the SWOT Analysis lens. Identifying new opportunities that you could leverage or threats that you need to mitigate in the context of your business goals is crucial.

5. How well are my resources (financial, human, and technological) being utilized?

Analyzing resource allocation can reveal areas of inefficiency. Make sure to align your resources with your priorities and optimize them for maximum results.

6. How effective have my business strategies been in achieving my objectives so far?

Evaluate your business strategies to identify what’s effective and what’s not. You might need to rethink or adopt new approaches to meet your goals.

7. What are the key lessons so far, and how can I leverage them moving forward?

Consider what the business has learned over the past six months. Use these insights to make better decisions, avoid past mistakes, and improve processes and strategies for the future.


These questions can help you clarify where you stand and how to adjust your focus and energy moving forward.

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