steve osmond, Professional Speaker

After over twenty years in senior leadership roles in the business and not-for profit sector, Steve is a seasoned Professional Speaker that is sure to make your next event or conference incredibly memorable. As a Certified Executive Business Coach and a trainer of business coaches, Steve has a clear and strategic message for professionals, businesses and business leaders. A sought-after international speaker, Steve is one of a handful of speakers with both a keen mind for business and a big heart for healthy organizations.

Through humour, inspiration and practicality he has been called by many “Canada’s finest communicator”. His clients have been from many industries including marketing companies, national chains, and education settings as well as not for profits including Compassion Canada and The Calgary Dreamcentre. He has spoken to audiences of over 15,000 people but also excels in speaking to small groups such as students, business executives and high-performance sports teams.  Steve has also made numerous appearances on national television and radio.

Steve’s personal and organizational mission is to build leaders, transform organizations and engage markets. Steve has focused his energy to help “build the most sophisticated leaders that change the face of business”. Steve delivers keynote addresses, custom training programs and coaching for companies and organizations desiring to create a “meant for more” culture. Steve lives in Calgary Alberta and is the proud father of three rowdy sons who make sure his life never gets boring.

Make your next event stand out.

Steve Osmond

Steve Osmond

Professional Speaker

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Make your next event stand out.

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What People Are saying

I have had the privilege of hearing Steve speak on many occasions and in many different settings. As a presenter Steve is alive and dynamic. His content is clever yet well-grounded. I am always impressed by his kind and humorous approach. I highly recommend him.
Thomas Morris

Owner, Thomas Morris Consulting Group

Raw. Authentic. Clear. Lighthearted while communicating deep things. This stuff is not easy to do folks, and Steve Osmond is one of those unicorn speakers and storytellers that can captivate a room and deliver a powerful message that leaves you feeling empowered and entertained at the same time. Do yourself a favor. Book him now!
Ryan Gill

President/Partner, Cult

Steve has an incredible knack for helping people embrace new ideas and shake off old rigid thought patterns. Instead of saber-rattling, he uses a far more powerful technique. He poses simple questions with a gentle voice and then pauses so they can really sink in. It’s a great skill for a coach to have.
Roger Grant

Chief Branding Strategist, Identicor

Steve is an engaging and memorable speaker that will have your audience laughing from the beginning until the end.  As a riveting story teller, Steve will make the material you want to bring across come alive and will challenge your audience to make positive and significant changes to their lives.  Steve is definitely one of the best in this business and you will not be disappointed that you hired him.
Jessica Di Sabatino

Vice President, My Safe Work

Steve Osmond is one of my favourite communicator’s. He is a successful speaker because he seeks to understand people. He identifies with the pain of others and meets them where they are. From there he helps raise you up with key words and phrases. When he looks at you, it’s like he can see the deep insecurities that you thought only you knew about or were alone in. Steve has a way of speaking empowered truth into those dark places with great conviction. You are compelled to believe what he says. Steve helped me believe that I can soar when those around me would rather crawl.
Alison Springer

Youth Communications Specialist & Executive Director & Founder, Greater Than Communications / Young Women of Power

Make your next event stand out.

Gain next-level speaking skills.