A Conversation About Building Your Epic Story


Eric: Rhapsody.

Trefor: It’s the epic story. It’s full of twist and turns and unexpected events and it’s like business.

Eric: It’s like our clients, you got into business to do something different, to stand out from the crowd, but somewhere along the way they got stuck. They know they’re meant for more; they just don’t know how to get there.

Trefor: They’re stuck as leaders, they are stuck as organizations trying to make a difference and they’re stuck in terms of how they communicate to the market.

Eric: And they are looking for someone who understands them, their story, their organization and can provide them the guidance, the help and the support they need to get to where they want to go.

Trefor: Clients come to us and say “Finally someone who gets me”. And that’s exciting and they need that in order to tell their story. But when you have to go to five places or ten places in order to get your brand, your business process, your coaching, whatever it is, you can’t create your epic story. You can only create a small chapter of it.

video-highlightEric: And that’s why at Rhapsody we’re focused on building leadership, transforming organizations and help you engage with your market.

Trefor: So many clients come to us for social media, but the truth is they need branding. They need to understand who they are. They need to have a coherent view in the market, so that they can express themselves properly. What they often don’t realize is what they really want is to get the market to respond to them. This is where we bring all the behavioral psychology to bear in our social media working everything else so that the market is actually listening – that they’re building genuine rapport with them.

Eric: That’s exactly right, and that’s why it’s so important that as an organization you are not working just on your message, you’re working on your systems, on your organization, you’re working on your structure so that you can deliver your product or service more effectively. But to do that you have to focus on yourself as a leader, because strong organizations are led by strong leaders and where there is a gap in leadership, there is going to be a gap in  service, which leads to bad press in the marketplace.

Trefor:  So much of what we do is a product of dangerous conversations. Conversations that require courage, honesty.

Eric: And so many leaders and so many organizations aren’t willing to have those conversations. They’re not challenging the status quo, and that’s why they stay stuck into mediocrity.

Trefor: But the ones who do…

Eric: They build organizations that stand out, products that get noticed, they do something special, they build an epic story.