26 June 2019

Today, Rhapsody Strategies turns 5.

We began with a commitment to help build the most sophisticated leaders who would change the face of business — no matter what industry or role they were in. And that commitment has never waned.

We’ve been honoured to sit with leaders from all industries and sectors as they’ve taken bold steps to deepen their commitment to their teams, their organizations, and themselves. We’ve worked with them side-by-side as they’ve undergone their own personal transformations and as they’ve led the transformation of their organizations.

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We’ve worked with individuals seeking clarity in their lives, with leaders in the midst of crisis, with small businesses, with the leadership teams of billion-dollar companies. We’ve done this in Canada, the U.S., and around the world.

This journey has demanded that we grow too. Like all businesses, our focus has been on growth … but we’ve focused on growing deeper. Deepening our craft, deepening our service, deepening our impact. That commitment has resulted in an organization full of individuals who are dedicated to growing, changing, and transforming, and in that sense, we’re on the same journey as our clients.

The last 5 years has truly been an Epic journey — both for us and our clients. In this moment, we want to express our gratitude to each person who has supported us, trusted us, grown with us, encouraged us, and guided us.

From all of us, thank you.