I think we all get in to business to make a difference. We want to do something meaningful. We want to support our communities, our families, or help others. I’m the same. Having the chance to take on a serious challenge that has the possibility of genuinely affecting others is such an honour. Whether it’s providing strategic guidance to major organizations around the world, helping entrepreneurs get started, or working with business owners to rebuild their companies, I’m at my best when we have our sleeves rolled up working together.

If I could provide one piece of business advice it would be this: Get clear on why you’re in business. We see a common pattern where people enter their career or launch a company to accomplish something fantastic — to make a real impact on others. But then they lose their way. Or maybe it would be better to say that they lose their why. When you’re clear on why you’re doing things, you have clarity about how to act and what to do. And your market knows what you’re trying to say to them and what you want them to do. It’s transformative when this happens.

My best piece of social media advice is to be yourself. Use all the same judgement and insight that you do when you’re face-to-face with someone. Don’t speak to a crowd or an audience. Speak to a person. It’s how we genuinely relate to one another.

The most meaningful accomplishments are achieved by working with others.

Trefor Munn-Venn



Trefor has been amazing to work with! He has brought a lot of clarity into our work as business owners. We are optimizing our internal systems and the business is running smoothly and more efficiently. We are looking forward to upcoming changes as we continue our journey with business coaching.

Renée Leblanc

Physiotherapist/Co-Owner, Moveo Sports and Manual Physiotherapy

Every time I have a session I am impressed how professional, well-prepared yet personnel my interactions with Trefor are!

And every time I leave a session I know more about myself, my triggers and how to apply strategies and suggestions in my day-to-day life.

Carmen Schoenmetz

Canadian Bank Note Company (CBNC)

I have known Trefor since 2010 when I first met him at the Webby awards in NYC. Trefor and I immediately connected on so many levels; he’s very approachable and personable. When you first meet him, you will know exactly what I mean. Trefor and his team are work in a field that is full of self proclaimed experts – it’s after sitting down with him that you realize he’s not just in the “social media” business – he’s in “helping your business differentiate itself” and drive real dollars and exposure to your business. That’s why I highly recommend you have a chat with him about your business and how he can help.

Baldy Rakhra

Business Development Manager, Reliance MediaWorks Ltd.

As an entrepreneur there is so much ‘noise’ around you. Everything seems to matter at once. Many challenges seem insurmountable. It is easy to concentrate on tasks and put off looking at the bigger picture and ask the serious questions about why I am doing this? How does it support the life I want for myself? Does it reflect my values? What ARE my values?

Working with Trefor at Rhapsody Strategies was that rare opportunity to clear the space to be curious about what might be and what could be possible if I just shifted the way I looked at and executed certain things. An incredible tune-up at an important time in my business and personal life.

My toolbox just got bigger and more effective!

Catherine Winckler

Founder/CEO, Mindful Garden Digital Health

The value in working with Rhapsody is learning to put strategy into practice. The training we received from Trefor changed my mindset and made me more effective. The simple, evidence-based tools we learned make it easier to think strategically in any context. I look forward to the next phase of my growth through leadership coaching with Rhapsody.

Luk Arbuckle

Chief Technology Officer, Privacy Analytics

Trefor is an amazing coach. He’s done wonders to help us grow our business. I would recommend him 100%!!

Claire Lajeunesse

Moveo Sports and Manual Physiotherapy

Trefor Munn-Venn of Rhapsody Strategies has just completed an incredibly amazing facilitation of the “Data to Action Summit”, the city of Surrey’s solutions to the opioid crisis in Canada , Trefor–in addition to providing organization, focus, and direction–brought with him a safe space to talk, listen, and collaborate.  He thoughtfully and skilfully directed us in delivery of our summit and at the same time made valuable and insightful observations that informed our next steps and helped us process what we had learned.  We look forward to continue working with Trefor to implement impactful changes in our community.

Len Garis

Fire Chief, Surrey Fire Service, British Columbia

I have a small management team made up of different personalities that I struggle to keep engaged. Trefor was able to read them instantly and tailor his approach to keep them engaged and focused. Everyone enjoyed it and we are looking forward to future sessions with Rhapsody.

Chris Pointer

Founder & CEO, Pointer Creative

Trefor from Rhapsody was the best facilitator I have ever had. Beyond his skillful facilitation techniques, his coaching demeanour and leadership is inspiring. It was such a motivating day for our staff and brought us all together to form our vision for 2019.

Trefor encouraged the team to think outside the box and realize that the power lies with them to transform the organization, expand peoples’ vision, and be great leaders and teammates. I would highly recommended Trefor and Rhapsody! Game changer for me and our organization.

Christine McGuire

Executive Director, Diefenbunker Cold War Museum

Trefor is a great guy, who knows social media and people extremely well. No matter where you are starting from (are you just learning how to spell Twitter? or perhaps you’re already using if-this-then-that to link several different platforms), Trefor can speak your language and determine the best strategy for you. What really sets him apart is the true, heart-felt care that he shows for each person in his world. All of my interactions with Trefor (and his team) have been real, meaningful and ripe with possibility. I heartily endorse Trefor’s expertise and customer service, always delivered with a genuine smile.

Lisa Sansom

Positive Interventionist, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Consultant

Working with Trefor & Rhapsody has been extremely helpful to truly understand who I am and how my natural tendencies resonate with others in the workplace.

It has helped to discover my core strengths and how to harness those strengths to deliver better results. Unpacking areas for improvement and being conscious of them as certain situations arise has been essential to ensuring my continued success.

In addition it has helped maximize the effectiveness of my daily engagements with my leadership team and coworkers. I am able to communicate in a more effective manner to increase the productivity of those around me while also improving our rapport.

Kyle Turk

Vice President of Marketing, Keynote Group

Trefor and the whole Rhapsody Team have been a great partner in my business progression in the last year. Trefor’s insights and guidance has helped me see my business and it’s growth more clearly. 

Thank you Trefor!

Wendy Smythe

Co-owner, DS Plumbing

Social Catalyst is a team of professionals dedicated to leveraging social media in order to help organizations accomplish their business goals. As a business owner, I appreciated his exceptional understanding of our objectives while capturing the essence of our messaging and brand. Trefor brought vision, energy, and extensive experience to help us successfully navigate our online presence and deliver an adeptly simple and effective solution. I wholeheartedly recommend Trefor and his team for their high level of communication, professionalism and integrity.

Paul Gagnon

President, Portage Personnel Inc.

More Testimonials

Trefor assisted us in locating Risk Management practitioners to inform our work in the area. His expertise in related fields, and exceptional networking skills are greatly appreciated. Cori Slaughter – Crime Prevention Staff Sergeant at Ottawa Police Service

Trefor is an expert and very knowledgeable in the Art of Social Media. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and don’t know what to say or how to say it, then let Trefor and his group, be your voice! Bobbi Ruel – Owner, Integrated Laser Corp

Trefor has an incredible mind and always proves to be very creative when it comes to connecting people. He always finds new and fun ways of marketing in this Web 2.0 world we live in. Trefor and his team have great systems in place that help small and large businesses and associations reach their target audience. If you’re looking for a marketing shift or an edge over your competition give Trefor and his team a call. Roch St-Georges – Broker at HomeLife Capital Realty Inc, ABR®

Over the last few years I have has the opportunity to work with and collaborate with Trefor on several projects and more importantly to just talk with him about shared visions and goals. I am constantly inspired by his fore thought and commitment to detail. In an industry that relies on individuals to be abreast of the changing landscape and how important it is to use old world ethics and integrity in a new world industry, Trefor is at the top of the ladder. I strongly recommend Trefor and Social Catalyst for all your social needs and requirements. Tim Burrows – Principal at Walking the Social Media Beat

Trefor’s passion for exceptional Social Media results coupled with his unique creativity make him one of the truly best in Social Media communication. He’s assembled an amazing team around him at Social Catalyst to provide clients with premiere services.
Paul Chambers – President at Lloyd’s Electric Co. Ltd.

Trefor Munn-Venn is a man of focus and action. His first focus is caring for people. I first met him when he reached out to me in my role as a Toronto Police officer, and drove 500km to come meet me simply because he was interested in improving the concept of relationships and technology to save and improve lives that was being championed by Toronto Police Service. At that first meeting I brought a graffiti artist with me, who was part of what we perceive as ‘the solution’ to bad relations between cops and youth in our community. We both came away from that meeting with the comment “He’s a good guy”. We have been in contact since. There are few people with the knowledge and integrity to integrate social media with purpose and process into an organization. I can only think of 2 people I would consider for this task, and Trefor is one of them. Trefor Munn-Venn is not only a thought leader, but has the ability to organize a team to take the vision into action in a collaborative and positive way. Honour to know and collaborate with Trefor and his team. Scott Mills – Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Social Media Officer

My first exposure to Trefor was during his time at Conference Board – an outstanding communicator with solid grasp of the public safety domain. In recent years Trefor has emerged as a true leader in social media and continues to provide outstanding support directly and via his company Social Catalyst, to Canadian public safety and security stakeholders. Trefor is innovative, personable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Trefor and his company as a high value, results-oriented team. Jack Pagotto – Head/Multi-Agency Crisis Management, Capability Engineer, Emergency Management Systems & Interoperability, Public Safety S&T

We retained Trefor and his team to help us to develop a social media strategy that could be implemented by our small workforce. The strategy was simple and well targeted. Social Catalyst then moved into a coaching role, allowing us to learn the art and science of engaging our prospects and clients in the online environment, without fear of making a misstep along the way. If you’d like to know more, please contact me personally; I’d be pleased to speak with you directly. Leslie Anne Palamar – Associate at Sandler Training Ontario

Trefor is an exceptional individual that takes the time to connect, build a relationship, understand your vision and goals. I recommend Trefor if you are looking for an effective social media strategy that stays true to your companies. Noémie L. Cote – Owner, Rocket Creatives

Because of Trefor’s vast experience as a highly effective speaker and communicator in both public and private sector, he employs a variety of creative solutions to ensure that his clients’ expectations are exceeded. His down-to-earth and sincere approach to leadership and social media inspires trust and confidence in both his capabilities as well as those within his community of colleagues, friends and clients. Just being in his presence is pure joy. If you want to increase your social media presence in a way that feels real backed with performance data, hire Trefor. He’ll make social media make sense. Tina Collins – Organizational Transformation, Strategic Planning, Performance Management and Leadership Development

I have had the privilege of knowing Trefor for around three years in many different circumstances. He is the most consistently good-natured and pleasurable person I’ve ever met! As a leader in the vast and ever-changing field of social media, he is extremely well respected in the entrepreneur community while the success of his company (Social Catalyst) is a testament to his character. As a past eSAX speaker, Trefor brought a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to a full room of very appreciative entrepreneurs! Thank you Trefor! Jarrod Goldsmith – Leader and Founder of SAX APPEAL and eSAX (the Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience)

Working in close quarters with Trefor has led me to understand that Trefor doesn’t just work hard. Trefor follows a passion. As a result, he’s given the meaning of achieving client goals a more human approach all the while conveying his extensive knowledge about Social Media through strategic planning, an effective work ethic and contagious optimism. His ability to both deliver and measure results through comprehensive metrics has impressed me time and time again. Katia Veilleux – Co-founder & Brand Generator at Fable & Method

I worked with Trefor at the Conference Board of Canada while I was growing the executive health network program. Trefor was, and is, an extremely dedicated worker who has creative ideas and is always willing to be innovative in solutions. Trefor is a joy to work with – intelligent, patient, helpful and funny. When I started my consulting business, Trefor was always available for a coffee and a discussion. Trefor loves helping people and is an excellent listener – key skills in the leadership roles he has assumed. Linda Hunter – Lean and Quality Improvement Consultant at Leading Edge Group

Trefor is a sharp, creative leader who makes things happen. He can get at the heart of a complex problem better and faster than anyone else I’ve worked with. He leads by example, he mentors and manages a team in equal parts, and collaborates with his customers in an honest and productive manner. Plus, he’s kind of hilarious. Simon Cheesman – Technical Product Manager, Telehomecare at Ontario Telemedicine Network