“With only 65% of the work we are doing with Rhapsody Strategies being completed, I was able to take a two-week holiday for the first time in 12 years and barely thought about work the entire time I was away. As business owners, we have always believed this to be an impossible achievement! I had grown painfully accustomed to the 500-700+ emails a day I would have to manage during our busy seasons. With the work we have done with Eric, this has been reduced to 25-75 emails a day.

Working with Rhapsody Strategies has been an unbelievably life-changing endeavour and the work we have done to date has revolutionized the way the company runs, and more importantly, the way I run the company. We have more work to do, and I can only imagine the impact that this will have on our innovations and improvements moving forward.”

Sally ClelfordPresident & CEOFace2Face Events Management