March 2, 2023

As leaders, a core challenge is to enable the teams we lead to perform at their best, together.

While most organizations include some kind of performance metrics that refer to collaboration or teamwork, they don’t tend to make a substantial difference to the performance of our teams. Not on their own anyway.

Even when we tell people we need them to function as a team, it doesn’t mean they’re clear on what exactly we want to see them do. And sometimes, they simply don’t have the skills. And even if they do, they don’t have a shared set of skills.

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Five Key Factors to a High-Performing Team

This short article (3 minutes) gives you the five key factors your team needs to become high-performing. It’s not random and it’s not accidental. Good teams are built deliberately

There are a set of core behaviours that are essential for you and your organization to accomplish the results that your need:

  • You have to establish trust among your team members. Without it, you cannot build a team. They need to be open with one another and they need to be real with one another about when they need help, when they make mistakes, and where they need to grow.
  • Your team also needs to learn how to engage in more conflict. That may sound counter to building a team but it’s actually essential. But not just any conflict, they need to learn the ground rules for meaningful, productive conflict.
  • High performing teams are fully committed. Expectations are clear and each team member is focused on driving forward the decisions that they agree to.
  • High performing teams hold each other accountable. They check in on one another to ensure commitments are on track. And if they’re not, they’re prepared to have uncomfortable conversations to get things back to where they should be.
  • Teams win and lose together. They focus on shared results, team results, and not on their individual performance. They track progress together and celebrate success together.

These behaviours aren’t automatic. They take deliberate focus and practice to build and sustain over time. But when your team starts to perform, everything changes.

Every Master Coach at Rhapsody has been Certified to deliver the training that will help you build the team you need. And frankly, it’s some of the most powerful work that we’ve done.

If you know your team can perform better but need support in making it happen, reach out to us and let’s talk about where you can get started.