Strategic Planning

  The major problem organizations face with strategic planning is that they THINK they’re talking about strategic planning, but they’re not.   Usually, they’re talking mainly about tactics. There’s a difference, and it’s significant. Instead of having conversations about the direction and future of their organization, they get bogged down in the here-and-now.              
Executing tactics are important, but tactics should be determined by your strategy, not the other way around.   Developing a strategic plan might seem like an overwhelming process. It’s often criticized as taking too much time, while delivering too little action. But it’s usually described that way by people who are doing it wrong. If you’re planning a new business, or striving to take an existing business to the next level, the right strategy is critical to your success.   The right strategy can help a struggling organization get back on track. It can help a good organization blaze a new path to growth and expansion. But the greatest value of a strategic plan comes from the kind of clarity that leads to focused action.  

Creating powerful strategies

  You may have a passionate team, but without a clear plan you’re left with methodless enthusiasm — lots of action but no clear direction.   We can help you design an action plan to get you there.   A powerful strategy isn’t necessarily a complex strategy. Strategy shouldn’t be a measured by how complex it is, but by its clarity and effectiveness. Effectiveness is measured by how well you can execute a strategic plan, because the more complex the strategy, the more complex its execution.  
“The true test of strategy is in execution” ~Trefor Munn-Venn
  Your strategy shouldn’t be a secret. Strategy doesn’t live solely with your executive team. It lives with every person in your organization. When you’re getting bogged down in the day-to-day, here-and-now world we all live in, knowing the strategy and having it as a decision-making guide helps keep your entire team on track.    
Most organizations don’t know where to start. They don’t know how to facilitate the discussion, what to prioritize, and how to take the next steps.   That’s OK.   We’ve helped organizations large and small, across North America and around the world. We have the tools and methodology, and a team that is trained and experienced in using them. We know the process to help you design a strategy that can transform your organization.