There are a lot of people who know social media tactics, but there’s a profound difference between social media for personal use, and social media for business. It’s fine to dabble in social media on your personal pages. In fact, that’s what most people do. But if you’re dabbling in social media with your business, you may be doing more harm than good.


You don’t dabble in business. You don’t dabble in advertising, or messaging, or brand awareness, or what action you want your clients to take. You have a strategy for all those things, right?

Our Social Media Coaching works because we’re focused on how to use social media to get business results.


You have direct access to the skills, experience and resources that you need. There’s no single cookie-cutter coaching plan. A Rhapsody Social Media Coach will work with you to clearly define the business goals you need to achieve. It’s where we always start.






We work together to build your Social Media Strategy (using our unique process), prepare an action plan, and then work with you to put it all into motion.


Our Social Media Coaching is more than just coaching.


If you need our team members to support you directly—to help write content, develop campaigns, or put parts of your plan in place—then we’ll put our shoulders in to the task ourselves.

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