My life’s work is dedicated to unlocking the transformative power of leadership in individuals and organizations alike. I believe thoughtful leadership has a profound impact on our personal lives and the world around us.

Each conversation with me is more than just a dialogue; it’s a deep dive into what truly drives you. I foster a non-judgmental space where impactful questions pave the way for self-discovery and significant change. My coaching style is built on conversational depth, creating relational bridges and inspiring you to embrace authenticity and pursue a meaningful, values-driven life.

Whether through one-on-one sessions or engaging workshops, expect an experience that goes beyond traditional coaching. My approach is not just about achieving short-term goals but fostering a lifelong journey of personal and professional growth. With every session, you’ll gain actionable insights and practical tools designed to help you navigate the complexities of life and leadership with confidence and clarity.

One of my favourite testimonials came from a client who said, “You help me take out the head trash.” Many leaders struggle to clear the fog and focus on what matters. My goal is to provide the support that allows my clients to find clarity so they get the results that will lead to their desired success.

I invite you to join me on this transformative journey. Together, we will explore your potential, overcome challenges, and achieve greatness. Let’s unlock your ability to lead a life filled with purpose and joy.


“Feedback is the breakfast of champions. So, what did you have for breakfast this morning?”

Rob Dale

Business & Leadership Coach


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The Jumpstart program was tremendously helpful to me in rethinking and strengthening the foundations of my new business. The Rhapsody philosophy and approach are exceptional and Rob Dale’s coaching expertise and wisdom were invaluable to me as both an individual and a business leader.
Ken McCarthy

Integrity by McCarthy

Rob is a passionate, energetic and engaging coach.

As a new business we had so many ideas, thoughts and concerns flowing through our minds, but Rob really helped us to prioritize our tasks and focus on what was important now in order to help our business grow.

Great insight and always helpful.

Thomas Cumberbatch

CEO/Lead Strategist, Godzspeed Communications

Big thanks to Rob Dale for his work with our team at Keenan Health Centre. Delivering patient focused care is at the heart of what we do, and making sure our team is 100% cohesive in our values and delivery makes it all possible. After a visioning process with our management team, we have rolled things out with our front line providers and staff. Thanks to Rob and his coaching, our entire team can articulate our values, and translate that in their daily activities, flawlessly. They are continuing to refine their professional skills with monthly team training, and this is of tremendous value to both us, and them. Thanks Rob!

Virginia Spencer

Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Owner of Nourished Potential, Keenan Health Centre

Rob has helped me first realize all the duties that a business owner has to perform, then deligate all the duties that I was NOT feeling the love and passion for so I can focus on growing my business…and taking weekends off in the process!

Paul Gagnon

Owner, Flying Colours Painting

Having Rob as our Business Coach has made such a positive difference in our organization. As a business with three owners, some topics are not easy to discuss, and some decisions are hard to get a consensus on. Rob has helped us navigate those murky waters and we are stronger and more successful because of him. 

Rob has provided us with great tools to help guide us and his expertise in such matters has kept us on the right track of continued success. He’s a wonderful guy to work with and he get’s it. He has a wonderful sense of humour, making the process and time you spend with him a great learning atmosphere, which is enjoyable and fun.

Patricia Pearson

Managing Partner, CanPlan Event & Conference Services

The JumpStart provided us with clarity, focus and renewed enthusiasm for our business. Rob is a great facilitator! This coaching experience has helped us focus on what really matters more than anything else we could have done.

Louise Scanlan

Partner, Digital Marketer, 20/eight DIGITAL

I had never done any kind of leadership coaching before so I didn’t know what to expect. After 4 sessions with Rob, I want more! His way of thinking is so insightful and his delivery is so energetic. I learned so much and I have no doubts that what I learned will help me in my career!

Kalisa Dickenson

Manager of Sector Operations, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Healthful would like to thank Rob for his dedication to helping our team sculpt our passion for our clients into a defined service/story. Our managers have been coached by Rob and I would highly recommend coaching services by Rhapsody Strategies for any business module. Everyone at TIH is extremely hard working and are dedicated to our values but clarity/consistency as our business grows needs more attention each new day.

If you feel the same way about your business or a business you work within then contact Rob. Rob is extremely knowledgeable in many areas within business, you always have his full attention and he cares deeply about you being successful/happy. Among the many things we value from the coaching is how differently our team all falls on DISC and how that works to our advantage when properly executed. Thank you again Rob.

Cheryl Mason

Founder - Owner - CEO, This Is Healthful Inc.

Having been a high-performance athlete, the idea of working with a coach not just for sport, but for your career really resonated with me.

Before working with Rob I would find that in a blink a whole year would pass by at work and when I stopped to evaluate if I was in the driver’s seat of my career, it felt more like I was just along for the ride.

Working with Rob has helped me to achieve my most successful year yet, by putting check-points in place, working together to create systems that can work harder for me and challenging me to push myself further, while supporting my aspirations to be at the top my company and industry.

I have recommended Rob to my colleagues as well as my clients, especially those who are looking to create an intentional and personalized path to success, one where you’re in the driver’s seat.

Thanks Rob!

Ashley Brown

Digital Branding Consultant, Reach Local

I had the chance to do a JumpStart with Rob Dale at Rhapsody Strategies and found myself excited enough to also enrol in their finely-tuned coaching program. The program identified not just where we could improve in delivering the best patient experience, but also (and just as importantly) how to make that happen consistently.

All doctors and therapists are trying to standout in the marketplace in terms of generating exceptional patient experiences that get people excited about taking care of their health. Rhapsody’s coaching with Rob Dale is helping us do just that.

I highly recommend them!

Dr. Dirk Keenan

Doctor of Chiropractic, Keenan Health Centre

I have been working with Rob for over a year, and am quite pleased with our work together. Rob is engaging and kind, not to mention effective and competent. Sometimes you have to choose between these qualities, but not with Rob. Rob is helping me to build a sustainable private practice and I have seen excellent results within the first 6 months.

I appreciate that Rob is able to help me engage in the business side of psychology without pushing limits on the emotional considerations and ethical aspects of developing business in my field. I am quite satisfied with what we have accomplished thus far, which is in no small part due to Rob’s ability to have us form a meaningful connection as we work together.

Matthew Rippeyoung

Psychologist/Psychologue, Matthew Rippeyoung, C. Psych.

As business owners we can become isolated within our business. Having an outside perspective is invaluable. Rob Dale and the Rhapsody team are very good at helping define opportunities and guide the process to improve. Improve we have! Thank You Rhapsody team!

Herb Lagois

President, Lagois - Design Build Renovate

I started working with Rob at a time when there were significant decisions to be made with regard to my business. With his guidance and resources, our expansion continued, but with more systems in place to make running it easier. My team has a better sense of goals, my managers have well-defined roles, and I can focus on the ideas and improvements, rather than the day to day operations. I highly recommend Rob Dale as a business coach, as every business owner needs a strong ally in their corner.

Jana Veltheim

Owner, Align Massage Therapy

Working with Rob has been a game changer. As an entrepreneur, my time is very valuable and limited. Rob has helped me to prioritize and determine where my time is best spent. The key has been the accountability, knowing that our next meeting is close helps me to focus, plan and execute. I am now able to achieve so much more and as a result have experienced many more successes. It¹s important that I have someone that is not only a coach but someone who genuinely cares about me and the success of my business. The whole package. After all, true success is in both personal and professional achievement.

Robert Smith

Owner, Greenmelon Inc.

I found the JumpStart provided a refreshing opportunity to pause and reassess the communication dynamics of our core leadership team. 

I would certainly recommend the program to other management teams looking to review team strengths, weaknesses, and develop a plan to move from good too great.

Kyle Cruickshank

Co-owner, Pure Kitchen

Rob is a passionate, energetic and engaging coach. As a new business, we had so many ideas, thoughts and concerns flowing through our minds but Rob really helped us to prioritize our tasks and focus on what was important now in order to help our business grow. Great insight and always helpful.

Ben Leber

Manager of Physical Activity, This Is Healthful Inc.

For anyone looking to advance their business or reach their potential, Rob is an amazing guide and facilitator. Rob asks the right questions to help you think about your business from a different lens, while sparking creativity. Rob’s recommendations are always timely and pertinent to the needs of your business at that moment. Working with Rob has both been educational and inspirational. 

Lauren Wills

Manager of Essential Eating, This Is Healthful Inc.

As a sole proprietor I do not have a partner to bounce ideas off of or ground me when I need to be! Rob provides me with sound advice and assists me to put the proper thought and actions in place. He has been assisting me with my business and personal life and has enabled me with a new way of thinking and behaving to get a more equal balance in life. The power of Rob’s coaching is incredible and the benefits induce lasting personal changes. I highly recommend Rob as a coach, facilitator and public speaker.

Cathy Hay

Owner, Hay Design Inc.

Over the past year and a half we have seen the many advantages of working with Rob. He has kept us focused on our goals.
Our decision to work with him and his team was based on their respectful approach to guide us along the way while remaining authentically who we are. Thank you Rob for your motivational meetings, excellent feedback, patience and playing an integral part in our successes. We look forward to our ongoing partnership knowing we have such a candid supporter on our team.

Bryan & Louise Charbonneau

Owners, Jay's Embroidery

More Testimonials

Being a solopreneur can be lonely. You can feel like no one close to you really wants to hear (and especially not talk) about your business! It can be really hard to know what you should really do first. How do you keep your priorities straight? Grow your profits without giving up your life?  It’s simple. You hire Rob Dale as your business coach! Rob wants to hear all about your business. He genuinely strives to help you accelerate the growth your company. He and I did an indepth analysis of where I was at in every aspect of my business and then we rolled up our sleeves and got to work on the areas that were weakest. Rob is a fantastic resource and a strong support to help you get what you want out the business you love while keeping your personal priorities straight! Thanks, Rob! – Stephanie Rainey, Aqua Life Swim Academy

I have known Rob as a facilitator, public speaker and mentor for about four years. He is a leader, a visionary, a dynamic speaker and a coach who provokes thought and action. He has always made me look at things from a perspective I couldn’t have thought of on my own, and has spurred me to make changes in both my business and personal life. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a business coach, workshop facilitator or keynote speaker. – Heather Morin, New Dimension Design

I have known Rob for several years and have known him to be an incredible public speaker, and a highly motivational personal coach. Rob’s approach is both humble and assertive in such a way as to draw people into the experience of breaking through their eternal and internal barriers. When I think of Rob, I am reminded of a Japanese word, ‘nemawashi’. It means to prepare the soil/ground for work, for growth of roots … in terms of a coach, this is where I believe Rob excels at edifying others. As an Improvement Specialist in various business fields, I am experienced with the challenges that people face in breaking through to a new way of thinking and behaving; Rob’s style has permeated to my own coaching with positive rewards! – Robert Leonardo, Improvement Specialist

Rob is always a very thorough, confident and impassioned speaker. On numerous occasions, his topics of discussion have inspired me to further research the subject on my own, including ways to apply it to my life and goals. He has the gift of charisma, years of well earned experience and a love of challenging oneself together with the desire to impart and share these qualities with others. – Kym Brown, Bombshell Revival Designs

I have known Rob for over a decade. He’s ability to explain, reach out and come through captivates you. He sees the potential in everything he touches. Rob is the kind of man, professional, that goes above and beyond. I could not have been more blessed, to have him help me with my business and my personal life. I would recommend him in a heart beat. Everyone needs a little Rob in their life. – Chantal Fournier, BabydollsKitchen

I have had the privilege of hearing Rob speak on several occasions. His coaching style is extremely motivational, and the messages conveyed are always clear and practical. I have found that his teachings have applied to both my professional and personal life. He is a natural leader, and his understanding and knowledge of the material provided guides you in making the right decisions every time. As a communicator, Rob has a way of captivating his audience and leaving them wanting for more. I have always been impressed with his ability to present information in a way that all those in attendance understand. The passion and enthusiasm he delivers truly demonstrates his desire to share the knowledge he has acquired over the years. He has your best interest at heart, and is always willing to go that extra mile. – Chantal Tinholt

Rob is a great leader and visionary. He has the uncanny ability to clearly communicate his vision and develop a strategy to see it realized. His team-leading skills and encouraging spirit keep you motivated to reach your end goal. I would highly recommend Rob as a business and personal coach. – Scott Conway, Castle Homes

I have known Rob for many years. His public speaking is captivating, passionate and motivational. Irrespective of group size Rob will challenge your perspectives and open the door for you to learn further as a corporation, team or individual. His direct and candid approach will lead you to better understanding of existing concepts or prepare you for your own personal or professional journey with new ideas and focus – David Veal, Vice President Ottawa Mould Craft Ltd