Our Online Community Guidelines

Community is important to all of us a Rhapsody. 

Our digital presence is an important part of how we stay connected to our community of clients, suppliers, and anyone else who’s committed to the transformation of themselves or their organization. It’s a place to connect, share thoughts and stories and experiences. 

Communities can be messy, noisy, and rowdy from time to time. With that in mind, we wanted to be clear about some of the guidelines that are important to us when we’re communicating with each other. These guidelines are for all of us. In the very rare situation where community members are not honouring these guidelines, we will be compelled to either remove the related posts or block the user. It’s not something we want to do, but if we have to, we will. 

Be Respectful

There are moments when we all find something we disagree with. That’s OK. But even during moments of disagreement we still need to be respectful with one another. Insults, harassment, disparaging remarks, or threats have no place here. Any posts that are — in our judgement — belligerent,  defamatory, indecent, hateful, racist, sexist, disgraceful, vulgar, homophobic, or encourage illegal activity have no place here. 

Your Comments Are Yours

What you post here are your comments. They don’t necessarily represent us or what we believe. If you read someone’s comments, they shouldn’t be ascribed to Rhapsody — those are their comments not ours. 

Be relevant

If you’ve got something to say about our posts or about Coaching or transformation, we want to hear what you’ve got to say. Please stay relevant to the topic.

When do we respond?

We’re thrilled to be in conversation with you. We tend to monitor our social media during business hours and we make it a habit to read all messages, posts and comments, and we may answer when appropriate. 

I‘m Upset

Being upset is OK. There are times when all of us get upset about something. And if you’re upset with us, we want to speak with you right away to get to the heart of the matter. 

If you really want to work things out, contact your Coach right away or call our main number at 613- 686-3615 and we’ll connect with you as soon as possible. We don’t always see comments and posts here quickly and we want to start working things through together. 

Stay In Touch

If you’ve got questions or ideas about this community or our digital presence, let us know! We’d love to stay in touch