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Sometimes we choose to change, and sometimes change chooses us

There are moments for each of us when we need to decide what’s next in our career and our life. Sometimes it’s because our role at an organization has come to an end. Sometimes it’s because we know that something has to change.

A Path Uniquely Your Own

You have unique strengths and talents and when you put them in motion, you have a powerful impact on the world around you. These are likely things you enjoy doing, and you’ve probably noticed that people respond well to you when you do them. These are things you likely gravitate toward naturally and that people respect/recognize you for.

Focusing your energies on these strengths and talents, and developing them to their full potential, will make a great contribution to the world around you. The personal and professional satisfaction you experience will likely be unmatched.

Do What You Were Meant to Do

Discovering what you’re meant to do is a journey. It starts with discovering the core “you” — the person behind your public image and the demands and stresses of everyday life. Knowing who that really is requires that you take a deep, honest look at your personal and professional goals and dreams. Remember, your job, career or business is a vehicle to help you get what you want out of life. It’s essential that you start this journey focused on who you are and what you want.

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Who is this for?

ReFocus was designed to meet the unique needs of leaders in transition.


  • When You’re Leaving a Role—All things come to an end and ultimately everyone leaves. ReFocus provides support for leaders who are leaving the organization, regardless of whether or not it was their decision.
  • When You Find Yourself at a Decision Point—There are times when we need to make a decision to either commit fully to an organization or leave. ReFocus helps provide the clarity needed to make this decision withclarity and confidence.
  • When You Sense It’s Time For a Change, But Aren’t Sure What To Do Next—There are times when some part of you has been speaking for a long time. It often starts as a quiet voice but becomes louder over time until we can’t ignore it. A voice that’s telling you that the cost of going down the road you’re on is too high, and that it’s time to find a better path.

The ReFocus Process

Using advanced assessment tools, powerful questions, and structured methodologies, we’ll help set you up for success. 


  • In-depth Understanding—We’ll help you see yourself more clearly and give you powerful insights into how you lead.
  • Clarity—This is a time when clarity is essential. Clarity about how you got where you are and about what you most want in your career and life.
  • Tangible Action—We’ll work together closely to identifythe exact next steps you need to take step back into their career with confidence.
  • Sustained Success—Tools & strategies to help you build your skills and strengthen your leadership.
  • Heightened Motivation—Renewed connection with what you’re most passionate about and committed to. We’ll help you return to the priorities that have driven your success in the past so they can put it to work in the future.
ReFocus, career change, Rhapsody Strategies, Business Coach, Business Coaching

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Leading when it matters

Terminating employment

One of the most difficult tasks for some leaders is when they need to tell a member of their organization to leave. Getting it right is critical.

There’s a moment for all leaders when we need to let someone go. Sometimes it’s because of their performance, and sometimes it’s because of the performance of your organization.

These are critical moments.

While the focus is on the departing team member, your team is also watching how you do this. They will learn what you stand for and what your values really are.

How you handle this could well determine whether your employee is going to be experiencing a set back or preparing for a comeback.

Everyone leaves, but your influence doesn’t end. How you have treated them and led them—from your first conversation to your last—will become part of the story they tell, and reflect how they lead.

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There‘s a moment when each of us realize that we need to re-establish our perspective, reorient ourselves, and take a courageous step towards the life we’re truly meant to live.