“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” That powerful quote is from Simon Sinek’s TED Talk. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to watch it!

Gather a group of business owners together in a room and ask them to share their vision, mission, and value statements and you might be amazed at how quickly their eyes glaze over. You might even hear a few whispers of, “Been there, done that.”

Many business owners put together mission statements as part of their business plan. Most often, these statements wax poetically but have very little lasting value to how the owner develops their company.

Business clarity

Many mistakenly think these statements are meant to be used as motivational tools. Owners often gather their employees together and use their mission statement as a rallying cry to “go get ‘em!” They then mount their statements on beautiful plaques and hang them on the walls of the office where everyone can see them… and merely gather dust!

Let me make this crystal clear:

Vision, mission, and value statements are not meant to be MOTIVATIONAL tools. They are meant to be used as MANAGEMENT tools.

These statements should:

  • guide all of the operations in your business,
  • be used when interviewing new employee candidates,
  • be referenced when conducting performance reviews,
  • be considered when making strategic decisions,
  • determine whether someone is eligible for pay raises and promotions,
  • define the specific reasons some employees get terminated.

WHYWhen implemented correctly, these statements should express the standard of how your company will operate and how each individual team member is to conduct themselves. Sadly, most companies never implement their vision, mission, and value statements effectively.

Business focus

Far too often, businesses focus on what they do – what they produce, what service they provide, what products they offer instead of why they do what they do. If you were to ask the Late Steve Jobs about Apple, he wouldn’t tell you that he started Apple to make computers & media devices. In other words, he wouldn’t talk to you about what Apple does. He would tell you WHY Apple exists: to challenge the status quo, to think differently. 

Take time to write down your why. Keep it front of mind when you sit down to figure out the whats and the hows. When challenges come your way (and they will), it is your why that will keep you pushing forward.

Think strategically

A Rhapsody Business Coach can help you gain real clarity in developing these statements correctly. Using strategic tools, we walk through the process of writing a clear vision, mission, and values statement.

Start by taking our 10-Minute Opportunity Assessment and take that first crucial step to understanding what needs to happen in your business next.


Rob DaleBusiness Coach Ottawa

Business Coach

“Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give.”

When it comes to business, I have one primary passion: to help entrepreneurs recognize and achieve their potential. I provide clients with powerful tools and valuable advice to streamline their path to success. And I help my clients build their businesses into the kinds of organizations that far exceed their expectations. My clients frequently express gratitude and relief, because they finally feel like there’s someone in their corner who gets them. Gets what they’re trying to do. Someone who’s got the tools to help them overcome the obstacles they’re facing.

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