Rob Dale, Professional Speaker

With a balance of energy and warmth, Rob invites people into a conversation where they are challenged, inspired and motivated to grow. His ability to lower barriers and build trust creates an atmosphere where change happens.

Rob is a dynamic and versatile communicator with over 30 years of experience, having delivered talks in front of thousands as well as more intimate gatherings. His weekly video talks have been viewed by people in over 20 countries. He earned Master Coach status with Rhapsody Strategies, an award-winning coaching firm. He is also coach mentor for all business and life coaches at Rhapsody Strategies.

Rob is a lifelong learner of business fundamentals and personal dynamics. Using a variety of communication strategies, Rob inspires business owners and individuals to discover their purpose and live it out fully. He desires to help people be the difference in their family, community and business.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Rob has two beautiful daughters who are his proudest achievements. On a typical Friday night, Rob can be found enjoying a good cigar and a glass of scotch with a few good friends.

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Rob Dale

Rob Dale

Professional Speaker

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What People Are saying

We have had over 200 speakers grace the stage at momondays Ottawa. Rob was the most dynamic speaker we have ever had. He had the room captivated from the moment he began. The standing ovation and the thunderous applause were surpassed only by the outpouring of emotion from the audience. I would recommend him for any speaking opportunity.

Linda Babulic

mohost, momondays Ottawa

I have known Rob as a facilitator, public speaker and mentor for about four years. He is a leader, a visionary, a dynamic speaker and a coach who provokes thought and action. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a business coach, workshop facilitator or keynote speaker.

Heather Morin

Owner, New Dimension Design

I have known Rob for several years and have known him to be an incredible public speaker and a highly motivational personal coach. Rob’s approach is both humble and assertive in such a way as to draw people into the experience of breaking through their external and internal barriers

Robert Leonardo

Improvement Specialist

I have known Rob for many years. His public speaking is captivating, passionate and motivational. Irrespective of group size, Rob will challenge your perspectives and open the door for you to learn further as a corporation, team or individual. His direct and candid approach will lead you to a better understanding of existing concepts or prepare you for your own personal or professional journey with new ideas and focus.

David Veal

Vice President, Ottawa Mould Craft Ltd.

Rob is always a very thorough, confident and impassioned speaker. He has the gift of charisma, years of well-earned experience and a love of challenging oneself together with the desire to impart and share these qualities with others.

Kym Brown

Owner, Bombshell Revival Designs

Make your next event stand out.

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