Jason Spears, Professional Speaker

Jason has been speaking to audiences around the world for more than 20 years.  From the conference room with a handful of leaders to the convention centre in front of thousands, he has a profound ability to deeply connect with any audience.

His natural, authentic, and transparent approach makes him easy to listen to, and that provides him with the opportunities to challenge people young and old alike.  He is a masterful storyteller that uses humor to engage those listening, and that allows them to connect with the truths being communicated.

Because he has travelled extensively, he works diligently to understand individual audiences, in order to leave the most lasting impact, by customizing each presentation to meet the needs of the particular event.  His unique ability to encourage and inspire people in any setting, makes him excellent choice for your next event!

Make your next event stand out.

Jason Spears

Jason Spears

Professional Speaker

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Make your next event stand out.

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What People Are saying

Jason Spears is an incredible speaker. He not only took the time to learn about our company and our areas of opportunity but then customized his talk using the information he learned. This made it easy for our team to connect with him and intensified the impact he made. Jason addressed the unique challenges with humour, sensitivity and knowledge. We’ve already received requests from our team to bring Jason back. Thank you!

Kate Euser

Director of Training and Innovation, Advanced Urgent Care

“What a great choice to have such an inspirational speaker. Jason touched our heart, mind and soul with all his stories. People were coming by my office the next day saying their lives were changed by what he said. Powerful stuff. It’s his superpower!”

Izzie Sadler

Executive Director, Southwest Georgia Council on Aging

Make your next event stand out.

Gain next-level speaking skills.