If I were to ask you to describe what your life looks like 10 years from now, could you paint a clear picture? Where are you financially? What does your business look like? What about your relationships?

Are you able to look beyond your current reality and paint a picture of what could be — and in some cases what should be — true of your life?

That’s the power of vision.

The Power of Vision

A clear vision, backed with the courage to carry it out, significantly increases your chances of success. It’s that simple. When your life is focused and filled with purpose, you are far more likely to experience fulfillment and significance.

Without a clear vision, chances are you will spend a lot of time and energy wondering. Wondering what you could be doing… should be doing.

And like so many people, you may wonder if your life really matters at all.

Meaning and Momentum

The Living Richly Podcast | Lead Your Life. Not Just Your Business.Vision gives meaning to the otherwise mundane details of our lives. Let’s face it. Much of what we do daily doesn’t appear to matter much when evaluated apart from some larger purpose. But take the minutia of the every-day and tie it in to a focused vision, and immediately there is purpose! Suddenly there is meaning and momentum!

Transcending the Ordinary

Remember the Flood of the Century in 1997 in Winnipeg, Manitoba? How about the terrible flooding in Calgary, Alberta more recently in 2013? (Who can forget the images of the Saddledome filling with water?) I can still remember the news footage of rescue workers filling sand bags to try to fight back the flood waters.

Think about it for a minute. Can you imagine a more meaningless task than filling bags with dirt? There’s nothing glamorous or fulfilling about it. But saving a city is another thing altogether. Building a dike to save lives gives meaning to the chore of filling bags with dirt. Those involved in the rescue operations were deeply motivated.

It’s the same with vision. The routine becomes primary. The ordinary transforms into extraordinary.

Everybody ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose. Those are the ones with vision.
~Andy Stanley

Too many times the routines of life begin to feel like filling bags with dirt. But take those same routines, those same responsibilities, and view them through the lens of your dream and everything looks different.

That’s the power of vision. It brings your world into focus and order to chaos. A clear vision enables you to see everything differently. Your dream will motivate you, even in the most routine of activities.

We build the most sophisticated leaders who change the face of business.

At Rhapsody, we have a dream of “building the most sophisticated leaders who change the face of business.” This vision inspires us deeply, and infuses every aspect of our work with significance and purpose.

What about you? What’s your dream? And how can you tie your daily activities into this higher purpose? Achieve that and you will tap into a power more potent than any flood!

Until next time,

Eric Deschamps | Ottawa Business Coach

Eric DeschampsBusiness Coach Ottawa

Co-Leader of Rhapsody Strategies

“Helping others succeed has always been my passion. There is no greater feeling in the world than coming alongside someone and empowering them to achieve their goals and dreams.” I work with individuals with a single and simple purpose: to help them define and attain their goals, one step at a time. Through the coaching relationship, I help business owners and professionals achieve more by delivering world-class growth strategies, tools and advice individually tailored to each owner and his/her business.