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How We Give is Who We Are


Corporate giving is something we care about deeply and take seriously.

As with all of our business commitments, we’ve developed a carefully structured system to support community organizations in a manner that’s consistent with our values and our Mission.

That’s helped us put substantial energy into the causes we have selected to support. And we’d like to tell you about what they are.

Giving what’s natural is a fantastic place for all of us to start. For Rhapsody, that means giving our time and our talent.

To date we’ve contributed hundreds of hours of pro bono coaching services to organizations who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. The results they’ve experienced have been no less important or dramatic as any of our other clients. To be able to genuinely support these organizations and to see them bring about such powerful transformation is something we’re deeply proud of.

If you’re interested in finding out if your organization qualifies for pro bono support from Rhapsody, you can find out more here.

There’s no greater gift than to give yourself.

We lost our dear friend and colleague Peter Stewart to cancer last year. One of the most poignant moments we shared with Peter was when he surprised us all by joining us at the Blood Drive that was held in 2018 in recognition of the 22 transfusions he had during his treatment.

As a central part of our Corporate Giving activities, we have committed to honour Peter through an annual Peter Stewart Memorial Blood Drive.

Giving blood is a personal and powerful gift that each of us can give no matter where we are located. It’s an opportunity to bring together others who loved and cared about Peter to share in this act, as well as to encourage those who are caring for loved ones that are undergoing their own journey as they wrestle with a disease.

It’s a chance for us to remember and celebrate our friend and to support the many other people who share the need for blood when they need it most. Get involved in this year’s Blood Drive.