What is a rhapsody?

Eric Deschamps and Trefor Munn-VennA Rhapsody is an epic story — THE epic story.

It’s full of twists and turns and unexpected events and it’s like business.

We all get in to business to do something meaningful — something that matters.

But sometimes, in the midst of those twists and turns, we get lost or stuck. We hit a wall. We experience frustration and lose track of why we started. At those points, we know we’re meant for more but we don’t know what to do.

We created Rhapsody Strategies to be there in that moment.

Rhapsody exists to build the most sophisticated leaders that will change the face of business. We are focused on building leaders, transforming organizations and helping you engage with your market.

When you get these three things right, you get everything right.


Rhapsody Strategies

We build the most sophisticated leaders who change the face of business.

Rhapsody Strategies Mission Statement