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Join us and give what’s most precious

One of the most poignant moments we shared with Peter was when he surprised us all by joining us at the Blood Drive that was held in 2018 in recognition of the 22 transfusions he had during his cancer treatment.

When we lost our dear friend and colleague, we wanted to honour him in a way that reflects our relationship with him and that continues his work of genuinely helping others in every way he can.

With that in mind we committed to hold the annual Peter Stewart Memorial Blood Drive.

It’s a chance for us to remember and celebrate our friend and to support the many other people who share the need for blood when they need it most.

Giving blood is a personal and powerful gift that each of us can give no matter where we are located. It’s an opportunity to bring together others who loved and cared about Peter to share in this act, as well as to encourage those who are caring for loved ones that are undergoing their own journey as they wrestle with a disease.


This year, the Peter Stewart Memorial Blood Drive will be held on the morning of Friday, March 20, 2020.

Canadian Blood Services
575 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Z 7M3
9:00 to Noon

For more information contact Trefor Munn-Venn at Rhapsody Strategies. 

In His Own Words

My entire career has been about working with business owners.


I’ve met and worked with an incredible number of entrepreneurs and business leaders over my career in the Ottawa business community.


At this point, connecting business owners with others who can help them is part of my DNA. When I got my start in Real Estate thirty years ago, my niche was working with business owners to find warehouse and business spaces. I moved on to own and run a franchise for over a decade, and found myself working and helping other franchisees when I became an Area Manager for Eastern Ontario.


Then my time as Executive Director of the Orleans Chamber of Commerce and my rewarding work with Invest Ottawa saw me working with and advocating for businesses in any and all sectors and industries our city has to offer.


Don’t undervalue what you do.


One thing that’s struck me over the years is just how much business in Ottawa has to offer, yet I continuously see entrepreneurs undervalue and underestimate themselves. I see so many businesses that have all the potential in the world but their leaders are too stuck and overwhelmed in the day-to-day to realize their opportunities. They don’t think big enough.


I want to help Ottawa’s budding entrepreneurs and business leaders see themselves as unique. I want to help them see themselves as the innovators they are, who can offer so much more. I’m at my best when I’m collaborating, brainstorming and working with other like-minded people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.