Rhapsody Began With a Dangerous Conversation

Not all conversations are created equally.

The quality of the conversations we have with one another sets the foundation on which all actions will rest. 

If the conversations are vague, misaligned, confused, or destructive, you can’t expect the actions to be clear, powerful, or effective. 

Rhapsody began as a Dangerous Conversation. Not dangerous to a person, but dangerous to the status quo. 

When that conversation started, nothing was going to stay the same.

The Values That Define Us

Dangerous Conversations

Dangerous conversations are at the heart of our identity. Rhapsody started with a dangerous conversation.

These conversations aren’t dangerous to people. They don’t threaten or intimidate. They don’t put people at risk. But they’re dangerous to the status quo and they confront our assumptions. They happen when we’re prepared to let go of the actions and beliefs that are most comfortable to us. They’re dangerous because they open us up to new directions, new stories and new opportunities to grow.

Dangerous conversations happen in safe places. They require humility, courage, authenticity, transparency, and gentle honesty. They create possibility. They demand accountability.

Powerful Questions

Questions are at the heart of what we do. They come from a genuine curiosity and a deep interest in what makes other people and other organizations tick. We would much rather be skilled question-askers than answer-givers.

Powerful questions unlock new opportunities and possibilities. They typically challenge our beliefs and require a thoughtful response. Often they force us to look at ourselves with fresh eyes. They help us—and our clients—think deeply about the issues we face.

Nothing is off-limits. We will go where others do not. We will ask hard questions—with gentleness and compassion. Our job is to courageously ask the questions others refuse to consider. When and if people are ready to answer is up to them. We encourage people to take the time they need to answer in the best way they know how.

Deep Compassion

Compassion moves us to action. It inspires what we do and grounds us in our most difficult moments.

Compassion means suffering with others. It requires openness and empathy. We are present, we listen deeply, and we withhold judgment.

We meet and accept people where they are. Whether it’s our team or our clients, we regularly hear the words, “Finally, someone who gets me.”

We create a safe place for people and support them in their journey, wherever it is they need to go.

Epic Transformation

We’re in the business of transformation. We believe that everyone is #Meant4More.

Transformation begins with us. We are the product of our product and we’re committed to improving ourselves personally and professionally. We learn in motion. We grow through the work we perform. We combine “architecture & artistry” to bring about sophisticated changes.

We are becoming more than we are now, and we’ll help our clients do the same. Together, we will move closer to our full potential. Steadily. Relentlessly. We innovate and take risks. We fail and learn and transform. And we create Epic Stories.

#Meant4More Community

We’re stronger when we’re together. Greatness is accomplished together.

When we serve our clients, we do it together. Each of us can stand alone with confidence and strength. But we achieve our greatest moments and our most meaningful success side-by-side.


There’s a Nigerian Proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We’re going far. Together. The deep sense of connection we share as a team reflects the respect we have for each other and the drive we have to accomplish the truly Epic.


We’re part of a community that is much bigger than us—it includes clients, prospects, like-minded individuals, and one another. It’s a community that is #Meant4More. Our opportunity is to serve that community—to serve one another.

We're Looking Forward to Working Together

If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!