A business coach helps you gain real clarity when you’ve lost focus.

You’re the leader of your organization. You’re supposed to set the direction of your company, help build and develop your leadership team and organization.

You’re supposed to lead.


What kind of a person needs a business coach?

High performers from all walks of life have coaches. Can you think of any world-class athlete who doesn’t? In fact, as top athletes rise to the highest levels, they don’t feel the need for less coaching, they want more! Because they know for all their natural ability, they don’t know everything. There are always things they can work on, to become better versions of themselves. They also know that when times are tough, when they’re facing adversity, it’s likely time to get back to the fundamentals. It’s time to get the advice and counsel of a trusted coach.

And it’s no different when it comes to business.

A lot of business owners think that because they OWN a business, they’re expected to be intuitively knowledgeable ABOUT business. And to get a business coach is an admission of weakness that they’re not cut out to handle it on their own.

It’s simply not true.

You’re not expected to know everything. With so many different aspects to running a business, how could you? The truth is, these expectations are largely your own, not someone else’s. No-one expects you to, so why would you expect it from yourself? Getting a business coach is a sign of strength; that you’re taking control of your business and your future, for you, your organization, your team, and your family.

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“I’ve greatly benefited from my coaching sessions with Eric, who has provided the advice, strategies and tools needed to launch a start-up firm. He inspires, listens well and provides the motivation and determination to stay focused, leap into the next level and achieve your goals. His professionalism, resourcefulness and creativity is a must for business owners and professionals.” Nissrine Ghannoum

Founder/President,Leap Consulting

What does a business coach do anyway?


Assess your current state to help you improve your game

Create and work from a game plan to get you results

Train and teach

Provide accountability

Support and encourage

Push you beyond your perceived limits









What happens in business coaching sessions?

You will meet with your business coach regularly to assess your organization and review your business strategy, plan the best way forward to get maximum results, and execute your action plan with focus and determination. With One-On-One Coaching, you will get the necessary clarity about the current state of your business, a clear sense of direction for your business, and faster results.


Every time we meet, it’s about you and your entire organization.


Want to coach your staff to drive the leadership performance of your team? Need social media coaching or help with marketing? You get comprehensive support from our entire team. You can leverage us in many different ways so your organization gets results. You get exactly what you and your business need. Last but not least, all our one-on-one coaching clients get preferential pricing on all of our other services.

It’s time to make a change. If you’re a leader who’s not happy with the status quo, who clearly believes you’re meant for more, business coaching is for you.


You’re not alone. Let’s do this together.