Rhapsody's 10-Minute Opportunity Assessment

For Executive Leaders

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Please select the option below that best reflects your current reality.

All of my team’s daily decisions and operations are determined by our shared mission, vision, and values.

I always know what matters most for my team and make sure that my people and resources are 100% focused on those priorities.

I am happy.

I always bounce back quickly from setbacks.

There is a high level of trust in my department and my team feels highly valued and cared for.

On a weekly basis, clients comment on the amazing customer service my team and I provide.

I have clearly defined and documented all of the business functions essential to running my department successfully.

I never waste time. I always invest it wisely.

I am a master delegator. I always communicate expectations clearly and provide the right amount of support and supervision to set my team up for success.

My team would say that I always provide them with crucial information around important issues, including the rationale behind significant changes and decisions.

I am able to manage my emotions in highly stressful situations in order to resolve issues in a level-headed way. I always remain calm, non-defensive, and respectful.

My clients tell me regularly that my team is highly innovative and creative.

I help every member of my team align their personal goals with the goals of the department/company.

I always give team members time to adjust to major changes while remaining open to questions and concerns.

My team and I have clearly defined and documented goals that we are currently working to achieve.

People who know me best would say that I regularly challenge the status quo in my department and the company at large to encourage its ongoing growth and evolution.

I am achieving my full potential.

I’m able to deeply understand other people’s moods, behaviors, and motives in order to improve the quality of my relationships.

When the pressure is really on, the best in my team shines through.

I have a highly effective system in place for soliciting input from my clients in order to improve the customer experience.

My team would know exactly what to do if I was away from the business for an extended period of time.

At least 75% of my time is spent on what matters most in my department and only 25% on day-to-day minutia.

I facilitate regularly scheduled and highly effective team meetings that team members enjoy and participate in actively.

I never assume that a team member “gets it.” I regularly check for understanding and commitment, confirm takeaways, and then follow up.

When two members of my team can’t resolve an issue, we follow a clear and documented process to help them move past the issue in a positive way.

I’m not afraid to question any part of our work as a team. There are no “sacred cows”.

Every coaching conversation I have with a team member leads to a clear and documented action plan, designed in partnership with that individual.

I always help my team understand the need for change by first discussing problems with our current approach, and then soliciting their advice to make the change more successful.

What’s the greatest challenge you’re currently facing in your leadership?

Thank you for taking our survey.

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