I am a quirky, evolving, life-long learner who is fascinated with the beautiful, messy journey of life. I’m deeply passionate about the physical and emotional health and wellness of people. I am a calm port in any storm, love laughter and can be counted on to create an environment that is accepting, engaging and fun.

I joined the support team here at Rhapsody because I believe in Rhapsody’s mission of uncovering one’s uniqueness, that we all have greatness within us. I think we all share a common story of not being worthy or good enough, but Rhapsody is helping people discover that isn’t true, that we’re all truly meant for more.

Having practiced yoga for over 30 years, and possessing a strong pedagogical bent and devotion for this ancient practice, teaching yoga remains a passion in my life. I’m driven by helping and supporting people, and with Rhapsody, I have the opportunity to serve a growing team of dynamic, passionate coaches who are devoted to serving others in all aspects of their business and life.

My values completely align with Rhapsody’s vision of helping people become “unstuck” so they can create something epic, and I believe that abundance is within our grasp if we are empowered to imagine it.

Love big, live well, laugh often.

Laurie Howe

Adminstrative Assistant