Jens Casten – Business Coach

In business, as in sports, simply PLAYING as a team and WINNING as a team are two completely different things. As a former professional hockey player, I know the difference between just “playing” on a team, and having a group of dedicated people who are in your corner.

Being able to collaborate ideas, work together, and drive results towards a shared goal is much different than a group of individuals just working in the same location. It starts with the leader. Old-school approaches will only get you so far.

In today’s business climate, you need dynamic, visionary, inclusive leadership to take your team and your organization to the next level. ~Jens Casten

As the business environment moves ever faster and becomes more complex, establishing a high-functioning, cohesive team is critical. It also gets more difficult to do. At times the view from the inside of an organization can be myopic, but the keen, discerning eye of an experienced coach can assess the dynamics and help you fit the puzzle pieces together that are needed for success.

As a coach, I’m continually learning and sharpening my skills. I believe everyone should continue to educate themselves,  and to remain teachable and coachable. I learn something new every day, whether through the experiences I share with my wife and beautiful children, a great book that I’m reading, or engaging with others. There are life lessons and business lessons for us to learn every day, and if we are open to it, we will never stop learning.

I started coaching and mentoring when I was just 18 — first in sports, then in business — and it immediately became my life’s great passion. The reason why I coach is very simple; I truly love helping people succeed. The fact that I am able to help others grow and lead a more successful life, on a professional — as well as on a personal level — is what drives me everyday.

The goal is simple: results.

The goal is simple: Results

Jens Casten

Business Coach

Toronto, Canada