Jason Spears Joins Rhapsody as our First Lead Coach in the U.S.

Jason Spears, Rhapsody Strategies, Business Coach, Business Coach Albany, Business Coach AtlantaAs Rhapsody Strategies expands to the United States, we have a new leader in our midst and we’re excited to introduce you to Jason Spears.

Jason will be our newest and first Lead Coach in the U.S. and will be responsible for developing the team of business coaches who will serve the region south of Atlanta, Georgia.

There’s something special about Jason Spears

Yes he’s a Top 40 Under 40 winner and of course he’s a leader. He’s also a person that leaders turn to for guidance and insight.

Jason is a man of passion and a man of faith. He’s committed to seeing people make powerful choices in their lives and then living out those choices.

He’s been coaching people in business and in not-for-profits for most of his career — challenging what they believe they’re capable of and supporting them as they transform their businesses and their lives.

Jason knows the value of a Business Coach

Everyone at Rhapsody get’s coached. From our owners Eric and Trefor to each business coach and every support person, we make sure they’re getting the coaching that’s right for them. It works, plain and simple.

Jason’s no exception, and if you ask him, he’ll tell you:

“Some of the most influential people in my life were coaches and that remains so to this day. That one-to-one connection can be so powerful, as coaches so often see your potential even if you don’t see it yourself, and then they help bring out your best.”

“Focus” and “Intensity”

If you’re ready to make a serious change to your organization, these two words characterize what you must have. These two words also describe Jason perfectly and we can already see how he is putting into action his genuine desire to help leaders transform.

There are three important conversations that you may want to have with Jason:

  • Is it time to improve how you’re leading? If you know you could be doing better – doing more – then give Jason a call. Reach out to him and rediscover your path and your calling.
  • Should your organization be performing better? We know when we’re firing on all cylinders. We also know when we’re struggling. If you’re in that struggle, it’s time to get out. It will help the people you serve. It will help your team. It will change you.
  • Are you ready to make a change? Not everyone is cut out to be a business coach, but you might be. If you think this might be the role that you’ve been looking for, give Jason a call and talk to him about it. You might be right.

This is for you

When we grow, it’s to serve you. It’s to provide the people, the knowledge, the insights and the depth to serve you. Your business. Your organization. Your people.

As we expand into the United States, the foremost thought on our minds is service. We ask ourselves, “What can we do to help?”

We think making Jason Spears available to you is a great place to start.


Download the full press release: Media Release – Rhapsody Announces Expansion to the U.S.



Trefor Munn-VennBusiness Coach Ottawa – President & CEO of Rhapsody Strategies
“I think we all get in to business to make a difference. We want to do something meaningful. We want to support our communities, our families, or help others.” If I could provide one piece of business advice it would be this: Get clear on why you’re in business. We see a common pattern where people enter their career or launch a company to accomplish something fantastic — to make a real impact on others. But then they lose their way. Or maybe it would be better to say that they lose their why. When you’re clear on why you’re doing things, you have clarity about how to act and what to do. And your market knows what you’re trying to say to them and what you want them to do. It’s transformative when this happens.
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