Are you stuck? It happens to all of us. Even the most talented, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals have been there. If you’re part of the human race, the question is not IF you get stuck, but WHEN!

I feel stuck. How do I get my stride back?
I’m in a rut, and don’t know how to get out!
I don’t know what to do. I feel frozen.

Sound familiar?

Is your business stuck?Your life and business feel stalled.

Your goals and ambitions look out of reach.

You struggle with frustration, knowing that there has to be a better way.

You know things have to change, but you’re unsure about where to start.

You feel overwhelmed and defeated. How do you get yourself out of this mess?

You need to know what to ask

In life and business, learning how to get unstuck is an invaluable skill. But too often we’re looking for ANSWERS when we’re not really sure what the QUESTIONS are. Here are some questions that can help you begin to clear the logjam:

  1. Imagine for a moment that your issue is resolved. How did you get there? Starting with the end in mind and working back can help you identify the action steps you can begin taking now, so you can get the wind back in your sails.
  2. What are you ready to change? What are you NOT ready to change at this point in time? Get clear on your options and identify the steps you are ready to take. Clarifying what things you are NOT ready to change yet can help bring focus to your situation.
  3. What haven’t you admitted out loud yet? Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) can be a show-stopper. Be honest with yourself. Why are you holding back? What step are you afraid to take?
  4. The Living Richly Podcast | Episode 39 - Stuck No MoreWhat’s the problem in a nutshell? What’s the problem in one sentence? And what’s the problem in one word? Jumbled thoughts become untangled as they pass through the lips and the fingertips. Get to the heart of the issue by writing it down or talking it out with a friend or mentor until you can summarize the problem in one word.
  5. What’s the EASY way forward here? Trying to “figure it all out” before we act can keep us stuck far longer than necessary. What is one action step you can take today to move the ball down the field? Remember, the game is won one play at a time.
  6. How important is this to you REALLY? Is this issue as critical as you are making it out to be? Are there other priorities or projects you could focus on until you overcome the problem at hand?
  7. Think of someone you admire. What would they do if they were in your position? What strategy would they use to overcome the challenge you are facing? If possible, why not take them out for coffee or lunch and ask them for their input?

There are many ways to get unstuck, but I trust these questions will be useful to you. Once you get started, you’ll probably find that solutions for the next steps will present themselves, once you take that first step to get the ball rolling.

Do you have other ideas for clearing the logjam? I would love to hear from you. Let’s start a conversation!

Eric Deschamps | Ottawa Business Coach

Eric DeschampsBusiness Coach Ottawa

Co-Leader of Rhapsody Strategies

“Helping others succeed has always been my passion. There is no greater feeling in the world than coming alongside someone and empowering them to achieve their goals and dreams.” I work with individuals with a single and simple purpose: to help them define and attain their goals, one step at a time. Through the coaching relationship, I help business owners and professionals achieve more by delivering world-class growth strategies, tools and advice individually tailored to each owner and his/her business.