Master Coach Designation Achieved

25 June 2019

Steve Osmond, Catherine Fair, Rhapsody Strategies, Business Coach, Business CoachingRhapsody Strategies is thrilled to recognize that Catherine Fair and Steve Osmond have earned the designation of “Master Coach”.

“Master Coach” is the highest level of coaching and recognizes a Coach’s achievements as an expert within Rhapsody, their community, and the Coaching industry.

The Path to Mastery is a comprehensive Coach development program that has been developed and refined by Rhapsody Strategies to support the ongoing and in-depth development of each Rhapsody Coach.

It is an intense and thorough process that requires each Coach to work through eight different levels of training. Progress is tracked carefully to ensure that each stage has been completed in detail, reviewed, and assessed to meet the expectations of the Path to Mastery.

“I’m proud of the progress that these two leaders have made. Reaching the level of Master Coach is a difficult and time-consuming commitment that requires sustained focus over years”, says Rob Dale of Rhapsody. “Reaching the level of Master Coach is a major accomplishment — and one that few Coaches are able to attain.”

Catherine Fair is based in Rhapsody’s Ottawa location and has been a trusted resource to a wide range of business leaders in the community. Steve Osmond has been with Rhapsody since the company launched five years ago and is based in Calgary where he works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and non-profit executives. 


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