Executive Coaching


There are moments when each of us reach the limits of our professional capabilities and need to develop new ones that will propel us to success. That’s where our powerful Executive Coaching can help.

Success isn’t an accident — it’s the byproduct of engaging in the right behaviours over time. It’s a habit. It’s a result of personal commitment, focus, and self awareness all oriented towards successfully accomplishing the outcomes of your organization. 

Each of us face moments when we either propel forward into our careers or risk stalling out. Perhaps that where you find yourself — knowing that you have much more to do and much more to offer, but struggling on how exactly to make that happen. 

Our Executive Coaching has been deliberately and purposefully designed to help you to meet the most significant opportunities in your life to to help you identify what next challenge is calling you towards it.  


EPIC 100


The Next 100 days could change everything.

Whether you’re stepping into a new role or a new organization, your first 100 days can change everything.

It’s critical to establish a clear and focused understanding of your role as soon as possible and determine how best to lead from this new position.

All eyes are on you. Did they make the right choice?

This is the moment for you to demonstrate that you’re not just the right person for the job—you’re the best person for the job.

Starting on the Right Foot

Getting selected for a new role is one thing—successfully making it work  is something else altogether. 

Too often we’ve seen leaders struggle to rise to the challenge they’ve been offered. The data tell us that 25% of new executive hires don’t last one year and 55% don’t make it through two years. You won’t serve the company or yourself if you become one of these statistics.

If you’re looking to make a meaningful, long-term contribution to the organizations you serve during your career, then getting off on the right foot is critical.

Sustained success comes from a deliberate, focused approach that bridges your strategic priorities with effective tactical implementation. None of this happens by accident.

Your new peers are watching—closely.

This is the moment to demonstrate that they’ve made one of the best choices possible. It’s your time to show them:

  • Your sophisticated and effective leadership style
  • That you both understand and can navigate the corporate culture
  • A focused and results-oriented approach
  • Your capacity to read and lead your team right out of the gate.


Epic 100 Transition Coaching gives you the support, resources, and insights you need to accelerate the impact that you’ll have in your new role and establish the groundwork for ongoing success.

Transition Coaching is a rigorous, process-driven series of focused discussions that are designed to help you:

      • Assess your situation with greater sophistication
      • Identify and refine your top strategic priorities for the year
      • Navigate and lead your team and the organization more effectively
      • Raise your personal awareness and help you establish your influence more quickly
      • Establish a clear Action Plan that you can begin implementing immediately

During a series of four, one-hour sessions, you will work closely and candidly with your Coach to assess your current situation, review progress against your Action Plan, and work through issues that will begin to present themselves as you exercise your influence in the organization.

You will have greater clarity about the impact you are having, a focused direction for your areas of accountability, and faster, more meaningful results.

Using analytical assessments at both a personal and organizational level, we can help you baseline your own performance and identify tangible steps you can take to improve.

We have a full library of resources that provide tangible and detailed guides to support the implementation of your Action Plan.

Your next 100 days could change everything. 

Get started now.

What People Are Saying

You go through life always having someone to turn to when you don’t know the answer, teacher, guidance counsellor, parents, etc. Suddenly, when you become a leader or business owner, people are always looking at you to provide the right path or insight. Rhapsody coaching gives you that confidence, guidance, support, and clarity that we all need as humans and as leaders. You are never alone with coaches like Eric. He is that light to guide you, a gentle push when you need it the most, and a cheerleader to keep you going.  
Meghan Fish-BellefleurBellefleur Physiotherapy

Write the Next Chapter of Your Life

There is a moment when each of us realize that we need to re-establish our perspective. To reorient ourselves and take a courageous step towards the life you were truly meant to live. 

You have unique strengths and talents and when you put them in motion, you have a powerful impact on the world around you. These are likely things you enjoy doing, and you’ve probably noticed that people respond well to you when you do them. These are things you likely gravitate toward naturally and that people respect/recognize you for.

Focusing your energies on these strengths and talents, and developing them to their full potential, will make a great contribution to the world around you.

The personal and professional satisfaction you experience will likely be unmatched.

Do What You Were Meant To Do

Discovering what you’re meant to do is a journey. It starts with discovering the core “you” — the person behind your public image and the demands and stresses of everyday life.

Knowing who that really is requires that you take a deep, honest look at your personal and professional goals and dreams. Remember, your job, career or business is a vehicle to help you get what you want out of life. It’s essential that you start this journey focused on who you are and what you want.

    Four Powerful Questions

    There are four powerful questions that can absolutely transform your life.

    When they have been answered — honestly and openly — new choices and new pathways open themselves up.  

    Using state-of-the-art assessments, powerful questions, and structured methodologies, we will help you find the answers to your most important questions:

    1. Who Am I?
    2. How do I see myself?
    3. How do others see me?
    4. What am I looking for?

    Once you have clarity on these four questions, everything shifts: your attention, your motivation, your confidence, your results.

    In reality, this journey never really ends because work itself is all about change, growth, development, and reinvention.