Crisis Coaching

All Leaders face crisis

Nothing demands accountability like leadership. And when organizations face their most difficult moments, all eyes turn to you for guidance. 

There will be times when you are pushed to your personal and professional limits. In those moments, we have the unique and skilled resources you need to make the best possible decisions — for your organization and for yourself. 

Rhapsody is one of the few companies that has professional support for leaders in their darkest moments including:

  • Difficult Business Decisions — When the choices in front of you seem overwhelming
  • Burnout — When you have given more than have
  • Relationship Collapse — When your most important relationships — at home and at work — begin to disintegrate
  • Loss of Life — When a loved one, a business partner, or a team member has been lost
  • Substance Abuse — When the tools being used to cope with stress take over the rest of your life

In moments of crisis, you have more choices than you may think. 

    Is It all Worth It?


    At some point in our lives we all stop to ask, “Is it all worth it?”

    Sometimes we’re forced to stop and reflect because we’ve lost someone or something, we feel empty, lonely or unfulfilled. When we’re feeling vulnerable, we might use coping behaviours that are temporarily helpful … and then the anxiety, stress or confusion returns.


    A Unique Approach


    When we talk about Crisis Coaching or Counselling, we look it at as goal-oriented and future-oriented. It focuses directly on the most challenging situations you’re facing right now. It’s pragmatic. It’s real. And it’s powerful.

    It’s also a way over time to support you as you start to create the life you most want instead of the one you have. It’s an opportunity to look at your entire life and ask, “What do I really want?” And then to create it.

    It’s in these moments that you truly take ownership for your life. 

      If you know it’s time to have a new conversation — one that will put you back in control of your life.

      ~ Cathy Lumsden

      What People Are Saying

      I’ve had trouble sleeping for most of my life. Anxiety haunted my waking hours and when it was time to rest, it seemed it was open season in my subconscious. The worst nightmares imaginable played through my mind until I would wake sweating and screaming. By using e-brainsense audios before bed and combining them with a restructuring of limiting beliefs, I was able to quiet the thoughts and feelings raging through my mind. Finally, I could rest at night rather than waking to feel more exhausted than before I had gone to bed. Learning to relax and access my inner resources is a lesson and a journey I will embark upon with joy for the rest of my life.

      What We Want You to Know


      Whatever you are facing in this moment, there are some important things we want you to know, right now:

      • You are resilient. There is a deep strength within each of us. It sustains us during our most difficult times. The more you understand about that resilience, the more you can draw on it with confidence.
      • You can control your own mind. More often than not, our minds control us: not the other way around. As you take control of your own thoughts and become aware of how our they’re are shaping your feelings and your reality, you take control of your life.
      • Balancing the mind and the heart is important. When you can bring balance to what you think and what you feel, you will come to understand with much greater clarity what’s happening in your life. 
      • Good days have common features. Good days aren’t good by accident. There are powerful signals that help you understand how to create good days instead of just stumbling into them from time to time. When you feel connected, competent, and capable, all kinds of great things start happening.


        You Can’t Separate Work & Home


        Every piece of your life is connected to everything else.

        If you’re struggling through a relationship that’s collapsing, facing difficult times with a child, caring for dying family members or friends, battling substance abuse, or any of a thousand other things, there’s no doubt that it will affect your work. It will.

        We see it every day. And the reverse is true as well.

        Struggles at work come home with us. Whether you’re a business owners struggling with cash flow or HR issues, an executive frustrated by a team that doesn’t seem to care, an employee who feels like you’re the only one who cares, the stresses and pain we experience at the office follow us as we commute home and walk through the front door.


         True leaders face crises head on. Whether the source is from home or from work. Don’t wait. Start by leading yourself and putting the support you need in place today.  

        Do I Need Crisis Coaching?


        Crisis Coaching or Counselling provides a powerful way for you to address your toughest situations head-on. Under professional care and based on extensive research research, you’ll build strategies to sort through change, relational situations, work challenges, family issues, our feelings of worry and helplessness. You might want to consider Counselling if any of the following ring true for you:

        • My stress is through the roof and I’m struggling to sleep and focus.
        • I’m experiencing a high level of conflict with my co-workers, and seem unable to resolve it.
        • I am having trouble balancing my home and work life.
        • I feel overwhelmed with the expectations of my position.
        • I’m going through major changes in my life — divorce, separation, parenting, etc.
        • I’m burning out and I don’t know what to do.
        • I feel helpless and hopeless.

        “A healing crisis occurs at the point where we have outgrown an old pattern or way of being, but are still unconsciously holding onto that old way because it feels safe and familiar.”

        ~ Shakti Gawain

        Cathy Lumsden is a registered psychotherapist, author, and international speaker.

        Over her 30 years of experience, she has touched thousands of lives and helped people undergo the transformation they were looking for in their lives.

        In her coaching and counselling she provides effective tools, skills, knowledge and encouragement to help her clients find solutions to real-life issues whether it’s in the workplace or in their personal lives.

        In her corporate training programs, Cathy focuses on improving employee engagement and satisfaction which increases productivity and decreases staff attrition rates.

        Cathy’s the author of two books and has launched an app, My True Self.

        Cathy was the host of a successful TV show called “The Best Advice”, focusing on topics such as achieving your dream job, money and you, different generations in the workforce, anxiety, depression, bullying, and domestic violence.

        With her warm empathetic personality, coupled with her wisdom and results focused orientation, Cathy guides clients to reach their full potential in all areas of life.