Business Evaluations & Assessments


How does your business measure up? If you don’t really know, how can
you really improve?


Make the switch from hunches to metrics using our Rhapsody assessments and strategic
planning tools.








Our comprehensive Business Evaluation is designed to help business owners measure the effectiveness of their leadership and their business in aspects of:

Business systems

Customer service

Financial management

Human resources




Strategic planning

Succession planning

Work/Life balance


This evaluation is a part of every Epic Business Coaching plan and is used to determine areas of strength and weakness in your business. It’s also available as a stand-alone service.



Leadership and Personality Assessments


Lead better teams. Reduce employee turnover. Improve your personal and professional relationships.


Everything DiSC is an analysis of your personal behaviour style, used by all of our coaches with their clients. It is a self-assessment questionnaire that identifies personal style strengths and development areas.


The online questionnaire takes only 15 minutes to complete and your analysis will be presented to you in a detailed report. It will offer specific information to help you and your employees make better decisions to improve your organization’s bottom line.


Everything DiSC is provided for each of our coaching clients with every Epic Business Coaching plan. Additional DiSC profiles for employees are also available, as an addition to your coaching plan or as a stand-alone service.


Want to know how our DiSC Seminars can help improve your team’s performance?


Let us show you how these assessments can be a powerful tool for you and your team to improve communication, understanding and performance.