You can’t facilitate yourself.


It’s not you; it’s everyone. No one can facilitate themselves.


There are questions you just can’t ask yourself, questions you wouldn’t think to ask yourself, that absolutely need to be asked. So you need someone else to ask them.

The quality of your most important conversations can mean the difference between your organization’s success and failure.


Getting a group together and trying to facilitate a high-stakes meeting while also participating in the conversation is difficult at best, and you just are not going to get the outcome you deserve.


When the stakes are high and the outcome is critical, you don’t want to do it alone, because…



Sometimes we’re too emotionally invested, and no matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to completely detach yourself from the issue. It’s not a failing or a weakness, it’s simply human nature.


You need someone with an outside perspective. It takes a professional with deliberate facilitation techniques and proven models to make the most of your time and get results. It takes someone who’s only agenda is facilitating the conversation, keeping it on track, and getting the best outcome.



A recent survey of 1,600 people asking what frustrated them most about meetings had responses that included lack of organization, no clear purpose or objective, getting off track, overly redundant messages and having no specific action items or walk-away points.


Our facilitators have the training and experience to design and conduct dynamic and effective meetings and sessions. We know how to provide a process and environment that engages participants while keeping teams focused.


We’ve facilitated for a wide range of organizations including:

  • Major fire departments and other emergency responders,
  • Medium and large businesses,
  • Major law firms,
  • Industry associations,
  • Not-for-profits and non-governmental organizations,
  • Federal and provincial government departments


When it comes to your most important conversations, you can’t afford to let your meetings fail. Don’t derail your organization’s most important conversations because you don’t have a facilitator to keep them on track.