My passion is guiding business people and leaders to help them accomplish what they have set out to accomplish and become who they were meant to be.

In my 30+ years working with emerging and seasoned leaders, I’ve seen individuals radically transform their organizations and their lives.

All of us, at one point or another, have stopped and asked, “Is this it?”

Sometimes we’re looking at our business and we realize that this wasn’t what we planned or signed on for. Sometimes we’re looking at ourselves wondering how did we get lost along the way.

It’s in these moments that we need to step back and look at what’s really happening. Using trusted methodologies that deliver meaningful results, I work closely with you to help you get clear on what you really want.

When you find that the actions that brought you and your business success in the past aren’t working anymore, I’ll help you develop the new skills and practices that will lead to your next success.

Together with the Rhapsody team, I can give you access to the insights and resources you need to renew your strategy, transform your business systems, and get the results you’ve been after. Drawing on my experience counselling executives and leaders, I can help you align your thinking and behaviour to lead the way you know you can.

Don’t wait. This is your one life.

Cathy Lumsden, MA, RP

Business & Personal Coach


If you know it’s time to have a new conversation  —  one that will help put you back in touch with your true self and put you back in control of your life  —  just fill out the form and Cathy will get back to you right away.

Cathy has been a great coach to us here at Boxing 4 Health and has helped us to grow our business and be more confident in our management roles. She is very friendly, responsive and professional. I look forward to carrying on a working relationship with her even after our coaching time is complete!

Christine Seaby

RMT, RHN, Owner, Boxing 4 Health

I would highly recommend Cathy Lumsden if you’re considering a career change and need some advice, or if you’re struggling with choices you are facing in your life. She is extremely astute and identified issues that were holding me back within just a few visits. Cathy deftly helped me navigate my personal history and helped me focus on my hopes for the future. With the aid of personality assessments, she helped me discover possible careers of interest that would be a good fit for me. With Cathy’s guidance, I decided to pursue a career change, and with Cathy’s suggestions on how to gain on-the-job experience, and the education I’m pursuing, it has worked out fantastic!

Thank You Cathy!

Shannon Gorman

“I have been going to Cathy for a number of years on and off. Cathy was able to gently and successfully lead me to my own answers and help me to accept and make peace with my past. She is a knowledgeable and incredibly competent therapist. I have recommended her to a number of my friends who also found her to be effective in helping them to deal with emerging and difficult life issues.”

~ Fund Raising Campaign Director

I’ve had trouble sleeping for most of my life. Anxiety haunted my waking hours and when it was time to rest, it seemed it was open season in my subconscious. The worst nightmares imaginable played through my mind until I would wake sweating and screaming. By using e-brainsense audios before bed and combining them with a restructuring of limiting beliefs, I was able to quiet the thoughts and feelings raging through my mind. Finally, I could rest at night rather than waking to feel more exhausted than before I had gone to bed. Learning to relax and access my inner resources is a lesson and a journey I will embark upon with joy for the rest of my life.

E.C. – Entrepreneur

“As someone dealing with the frustration of an unknown illness and self-esteem issues, I found sessions with Cathy Lumsden invaluable. Her support in helping me deal with my emotions through various techniques, from discussions to visualization to EMDR to her Brainsense techniques, show her genuine commitment to using and developing tools to help her patients both during and outside of office sessions.”

~ Senior Economist