“Take the first step and the second will reveal itself.”

To me, this statement is the foundation of business coaching. I work with people who believe that there is something beyond that first step, that they are truly Meant for More. In fact, they’re haunted by it.

Before becoming a Rhapsody Business Coach, I worked with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and had the opportunity to meet literally hundreds of business owners, small and large. Many were successful, some were experiencing challenges, and still others were really struggling. My main role was to assist in the CFIB’s advocacy for small and medium-sized businesses regarding government policies and regulations. Though that was my role, I found I was just as much a sounding board for these business owners’ struggles, regardless if they were government related or not. I was that safe, trusted third party—not an employee, a client, a supplier, or a partner—but that person that they could finally express their “real” troubles to. But also, that person they could share their life and business dreams with.

It became apparent that these hard-working people needed the kind of help and support on a broader spectrum than I could offer with the CFIB. They needed someone who could help them explore their dreams, keep focused on the big picture through the day-to-day challenge, and find their way towards them. I knew then that I needed to play a much larger role in their businesses. Being a Business Coach allows me to do just that, and I am humbled every day in this role.

I believe the greatest compliment I can receive from a client is, “I’ve never told anyone this before…”. When I hear that, I know we’re on to something! Which is significant because my main motivator is making an impact on people’s lives and businesses, so I am constantly looking for ways to provide value and transformation for my clients.

I’ve often been asked what my best piece of business advice is. It’s simply this: READ … lots! If you’re a business owner and are not constantly evolving thru continuing education, you will soon find yourself sorely behind your competition.

Take the first step and the second will reveal itself.”

Catherine Fair

Certified Business Coach


Catherine is wonderful. I feel like it must take a very specific type of person to make a great business coach. And Catherine has it all. She is patient, so supportive, professional, creative, pushes us when we need it, and offers so much invaluable advice. Highly recommend Catherine and Rhapsody Strategies for business coaching needs!

Isaac Fouchard

Owner, Black Walnut Bakery

Working with Catherine is great. It’s the extra help we needed to get things done. Her guidance and knowledge is very good. Our company will never be the same, but in a good way Lol! Thank you Catherine!!!

Sylvain Brazeau

General Manager, Orleans Carpet Flooring & Decor

Having Catherine as our coach has given us more confidence in our abilities to run our business. She has encouraged us to get out of our comfort zones and focus on growing our business to help build the life we dream of.

Alexandra Roche

Co-Owner, AJL Screen Printing & Embroidery

Transition in a professional practice is challenging, especially when it involves a group of lawyers. Such was the scenario Catherine was faced with when she took on our law firm as a business coach. Catherine helped us through the process of defining who we are personally, determining how to integrate our personalities into our firm culture, and setting us on a collective path to prosperity and professional success. Thanks to Catherine’s patience, guidance and insight, we as a law firm now operate as a more unified team with a common goal to succeed as individuals and as a group.

Ottawa Law Firm

I’m so glad I decided to do the JumpStart program and then continue working with Catherine Fair on the Epic Change coaching program. Catherine has helped me make some challenging but necessary choices that will inherently change the future of my business and personal life for the better. She is very positive person and easy to talk to. But at the same time, she knows how to pinpoint concerns and motivate for change. I’m very grateful for her help!

Heather Morin

Owner, Creative Director, New Dimension Design

Catherine has helped us identify management issues, staffing insufficiencies and become overall, more efficient. Catherine’s insight and experience was integral in facilitating the process of identifying our corporate values and in helping us to articulate a unique vision and mission statement that reflects the culture of Hamel Design & Planning Inc.

On a personal note, Catherine’s efforts have been extremely beneficial in helping me with my time management, thereby liberating personal time to be with those I love and to pursue my passion for the arts that I have long sacrificed for my business.

Jacques Hamel

Owner, Hamel Design & Planning Inc.

Catherine has the tools, knowledge, and experience to help business owners see the light and take action towards their path to success.

Jayson Peltzer

CEO, U7 Solutions

Working with Rhapsody has been a truly transformational experience. After just a few sessions with Catherine Fair, we now have a completely refreshed understanding of our company and our roles in it, along with a firm list of values that we use on a daily basis—to select work, choose our clients, and expand our team. In almost 10 years of business, we have never felt this inspired about our firm, and will continue to work with Rhapsody for the foreseeable future.

Catherine is such a pleasure to work with. She is not only great at asking the right questions, but great at pulling out the right answers, too. She always has our best interests at heart, and manages to make our sessions productive and fun at the same time.

We would highly (and happily) recommend her!

Ilesh Parmar

Partner / Designer, nineSixteen Creative Inc.

When I first had the opportunity to hear Catherine speak, I was not looking for a business coach. By the end of her explanation of how business coaching can help an entrepreneur, I knew I was in need of her services. As a 15-year business owner, I struggled year after year with the same problems repeatedly. Catherine brings knowledge on how to succeed in business with systems and processes that’s allowed my business to expand and flourish!  I am actively involved in this success plan and I am committed to the Rhapsody Strategies systems as I believe they can help my business move to a level of success that I am not able to get to without their help. I encourage all business owners to take a moment and speak with Catherine to see how her expertise can help you achieve your vision of success.

Kim Joice

Agent, State Farm, Cobourg

I highly recommend Catherine. I’ve had some insight into how she approaches coaching – both the business and the individual – and it’s a combination that works. She’s tough when she has to be and compassionate when called for as well. Her knowledge of DISC alone makes her very valuable. Using a coach can be a huge difference especially one of Catherine’s calibre.

Marilyn Henschel


Over the past few months, I have taken on more responsibility, more staff, more programs and of course, more challenges. I NEVER would have thought I could handle all this a year ago. I have you to thank for that. Thank you for teaching me the skills that have given me strength and confidence.

Cindy Powell

Program Director, Rural Ottawa South Support Services (ROSSS)

Catherine used her expertise to provide us with the tools we need to grow our business and make successful business decisions. She has taught us a tremendous amount about networking and marketing our business.

Catherine, thank you for your excellent coaching, you have helped us look at problems in a different way and taught us how to better prioritize. You have helped lead us on the right path and helped us create a clear direction for the next several years.

Thanks you for making us a better business and more importantly, better leaders.

We highly recommend her!

Marc Savage, Dan Proulx

Owner/Proprietaire, Orléans Boat World & Sports

We have been working with Catherine Fair from Rhapsody Strategies, and wanted to give people an idea of what her help means to a small business such as ours.

Working with Catherine has helped us meet these challenges (…during COVID having employees call in sick weekly resulting in us working 12-16 hr days…) by being more organized and better at managing our staff. Since starting with Catherine, we have hired two more full time staff. By being able to put job descriptions, policies and procedures in place we have a better understanding of how to manage and motivate our staff. This is giving us more time to focus on growing our business and generating more revenue.

Catherine has shown us how to properly train our staff to do more on a daily basis giving us the time we need to truly focus on taking our business to the next level and properly promote it.

I highly recommend her services to all business owners.  She is truly an insurance policy to guarantee their success.

Dan Duggan

Pontiac Home Bakery

In just 3 sessions with Catherine, I have already been able to implement some of strategies, and I feel that I am on the road to achieving my business goals. I have been able to better understand and communicate with my team, as well as better understand my tendencies and behaviour as a leader. I do see a lot of personal and business value in committing to Rhapsody Strategies, and I am looking forward to future growth in my business under the coaching of Catherine and Rhapsody Strategies.

Rob Zurowski

Owner/Founder, Smart Rock Inc.

Rhapsody has transformed our company and Catherine Fair has become an important addition to the OakWood family.

John Liptak

President and CEO, OakWood Designers & Builders

I believe people come into our lives for different reasons and with divine timing. Catherine is one of those people. She has had a profound effect on my life, both professionally and personally. Her coaching style has helped me develop into a confident leader, and as a result, I am making a positive impact on my business and how I interact with my team. I know I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Catherine’s guidance and support.

Quynh Dinh

Owner, Her Esthetician

A conversation. A conversation with Catherine Fair. A conversation with Catherine Fair will motivate you, it will frustrate you, it will challenge you, it will change you. A conversation will allow you to learn that you are meant for more. A conversation. A conversation with Catherine Fair is highly recommended.

Fabien Cauley

Co-owner, Bronson Johnson Seamless Eavestroughs

What a magical journey it has been working with Catherine Fair over the past 16 months. My family and I want to take this opportunity to thank Catherine for helping me become the father and husband that I always wanted to be. I’ve set large, inspiring goals of helping friends, family and others in the Ottawa community with their finances. With focus and dedication, Catherine has made it possible to reach these goals. I always look forward to our appointments to discuss strategies on becoming the best version of myself. Thank you, Catherine! 

Mathieu Chatelain

Financial Advisor, Sun Life Financial

Wow! I feel myself growing, evolving, and I dare say, at high speeds.  It is a bit of a whirlwind but that’s ok, I think I was ready! What strikes a cord with me is the confidence you inspire, the non-judgemental approach to your guidance, your gentle reminders of the topic at hand and your openness to the uniqueness of everyone’s situation and goals. Your talent at “plain speak” or “call it as you see it” is greatly appreciated and needed/sought, as is the non-threatening fashion in which you deliver. I am flushing out all kinds of pre-conceived notions (didn’t realize I had so many!).  I’ve also started implementing some new rules and habits for myself, and for my business, resulting in feeling like I have control of my life again.

Again, wow!  And thank you so much!

Anne Theriault

Owner, Suite Enhancements

Thank you so much for all that you do.  I feel much more in control of my future after just a few hours with you.  I’m sure that you hear this all the time but thank you for being my voice of reason and my sounding board.   #MeantForMore

Leah Carroll


I’ve known Catherine for about 5 years, and she’s always been a true professional. Catherine is not afraid to tell it like it is, and the results she gets from her clients definitely reflect that. Watching her perform as the President of our networking group allows me to see her leadership skills on a weekly basis. I’d highly recommend Catherine as your Business Coach!

Patrick Blake

Photographer/Business Owner, Blake Photography

I think we have good communication now… I have no doubt that our session with you strengthened our relationship as partners!

G. B.

Business Owner