Business Transformation Training - Pricing

Pricing for Transformation Training

Pricing for training varies based on the number of participants that are enrolled in the training program. The table below provides you with the pricing that we use for our ongoing training programs.s.

The content that is delivered and the level of detail and engagement is the same in all programs regardless of the number of participants.

Do You Qualify for Funding?

The Government of Canada in partnership with the Provinces has made generous Training Funding Available.

For example, in Ontario, the Canada-Ontario Jobs Grant can help employers recoup as much as 83% of the costs of eligible training programs. Job grants are available in all Canadian Provinces and Territories. You can find more information here.

Number of Participants Per Person Monthly Per Person Yearly Total Monthly
1 $595.00 $7,140.00 $595.00
2 $595.00 $7,140.00 $1,190.00
3 $595.00 $7,140.00 $1,785.00
4 $459.00 $5,508.00 $1,836.00
5 $365.00 $4,380.00 $1,825.00
6 $305.00 $3,660.00 $1,830.00
7 $263.00 $3,156.00 $1,841.00
8 $229.00 $2,748.00 $1,832.00
9 $203.00 $2,436.00 $1,827.00
10 $183.00 $2,196.00 $1,830.00

Please note that the prices above do not include taxes.
Should you wish to train more than 10 people, please contact our offices.

A Note About Our Training Services

Rhapsody Strategies has a mature training practice that runs separately from any of our other services. The training that we provide is designed to support specific learning outcomes that are unique to each training program.

In the course of accomplishing the learning outcomes, we provide a range of educational materials including worksheets, white papers, presentations and other related documentation. The learning path that we use in our training follows a progressive sequence so that each learning builds on the next.

We commonly make use of case studies and real-life scenarios with our clients in order to help them understand how apply the core learning outcomes. The approach we use is fundamentally the same whether provided in a group on one-to-one.

Rhapsody’s other services are designed to serve leaders and organizations that are seeking specific operational support. This could include instances when our team members are actively delivering business services on behalf of our clients. For us, creating a strategic plan, writing a business plan, or implementing a marketing plan for the client, would constitute examples of consulting services.

For clarity, Rhapsody Strategies does not provide any business consulting services to trainees. Instead, our focus is on providing clients with skills, concepts, and knowledge to deliver business services themselves. For instance, to continue one of our examples above, we would not be “creating a strategic plan”, we would be training clients to develop the skills to create and implement the plan themselves.


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