If you are selected to be our next Lead Coach, you will play an important role in the continued growth of Rhapsody Strategies. While working remotely to build your team of coaches, you will have substantial support from a strong community of practitioners and corporate resources.

You will assemble, lead, and support a team of world-class business coaches who are committed to helping leaders transform their organizations. You will deliver and provide access to a range of services including coaching, training, consulting, and marketing.

Reports To: Lead Coach Mentor
Location: You will work from your location.
Status: Full-time independent contractor to start.
Compensation: Based entirely on your performance.

Primary Position Requirements

Your role is important to the organization. There are four keys areas where you will need to demonstrate your excellence. You will need to:Market and sell Rhapsody services

  1. Market and sell Rhapsody services
  2. Deliver World-Class coaching to leaders in a wide range of organizations
  3. Recruit and lead a team of coaches
  4. Champion Rhapsody systems to serve clients and maximize performance


We’re not just looking for anyone for this role. In fact, we’re looking for someone very special. We also want to be upfront about exactly who will thrive in this role. You’ll know if it’s you because you will have the following:


  • You’re an active listener and you ask powerful questions
  • You’re comfortable and confident using cloud-based technology tools
  • You’re a skilled networker
  • Prospecting is an area of strength and you are actively building rapport and opening relationships with people
  • You’re a public speaker who delivers powerful messages and moves your audience toward action
  • You have demonstrated the attributes of true leadership


  • You’ve built teams from scratch
  • B2B sales is an area of strength for you
  • You’ve demonstrated your role as a leader
  • You’ve facilitated training events and seminars
  • You’ve recruited new team members in the past and brought them up to speed quickly
  • You have 15+ years of business / leadership experience
  • You have a College / University degree (preferred)
  • Have been a business advisor for at least 5 years (preferred)
  • Have owned your own business for at least 5 years (preferred)
  • Have worked in a management position with supervisory responsibility for at least 5 years (preferred)


  • You’re entrepreneurial at heart
  • You can demonstrate that you’re a self-starter
  • Other people describe you as passionate, and you feel the same way
  • You find the positive in even the toughest of circumstances
  • Being respectful to others is always a priority
  • You have an Abundance mindset
  • You thrive in a team environment


  • You can demonstrate that you exceed sales expectations / targets
  • You not only assembled a team, but you’ve been able to keep them and help them grow and perform
  • You can demonstrate that you have a network of 100+ business leaders that you can call on
  • You can show us how you have advanced and been promoted throughout your career

Cognitive Abilities

  • You’re driven to grow & know
  • You just can’t stop reading
  • You’re tech savvy
  • You’re constantly looking at ways to leverage systems to improve performance
  • You’re coachable—and want to be coached
  • You can zoom-out to look at the big picture and then zoom-in to work on the details


  • You’re punctual
  • Follow-up is important to you
  • You have a professional appearance / demeanour
  • You are both disciplined and organized

Work Environment (Fit)

Our Mission is: “To build the most sophisticated leaders who change the face of business.” Every person on the team is committed to making that happen for our clients, and making that happen for one another.

When people spend time with our team, they consistently comment on how the experience is different from anything they’ve ever experienced. We work hard to make that happen. We want you to be able to thrive at Rhapsody. We want you to be part of this team and to bring your skills and knowledge and passion to a rich and dynamic culture. Here’s what you need to know about working here:

  • You will work directly for the Lead Coach Mentor who is one of the Leaders of Rhapsody. He’s fast-paced and has high expectations. He is also systems-oriented and hands-off—unless you’re not using the systems.
  • The Ownership team is strategically focused and tactically oriented.
  • You will be part of a community of people who laugh often and genuinely care about each other. We find ourselves very much guided by the following Nigerian Proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We want to go far, and we hope you do too.
  • Although we value knowledge and experience, we value powerful questions more. They are the key to improving as an organization, and to helping our clients build their epic story.
  • Every team member adds to our collective experience. This helps us become more than we are now. With that said, Rhapsody has developed a winning approach for transforming leaders and organizations. Team members must be willing to fully embrace the methodologies and practices of Rhapsody as directed by your Lead Coach (or Lead Coach Mentor)”.
  • Dangerous conversations are important to us. They challenge the status quo, generating perspectives and actions that might not otherwise be possible. Yet Rhapsody is a safe environment that encourages deep respect and honour for one another.
  • Working at Rhapsody is not simply a career—it is more of a cause.
  • We believe deeply that you are meant for more.

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