Public Speaking Accelerator

Take your presentations to a new level with our sophisticated public speaking training.

Isn’t it time you became a NEXT-LEVEL presenter?

public speaking training

Training Options

Seminar Format

Our Public Speaking Training can be delivered in a 1-day group format. This is an all-day event (9 am to 5 pm) and includes assignments leading up to the workshop and follow-up. Investment: $749 + HST per participant.

Come prepared for meaningful conversations, exercises that make you take a hard look at your communication skills and how to leverage best-in-class practices that are sure to make you stand out.

1-1 Coaching

Speaking to Win can also be delivered in a 1-1 Coaching format, allowing for a high level of customization based on the participant’s need and level of speaking experience. Investment varies based on the program.  Please contact us for more details.

We highly recommend a combination of both Group Seminar Training with follow-up 1-1 Coaching for maximum effectiveness.

Imagine honing your speaking skills to better promote your product and services, build your brand, promote your mission, and establish yourself as a true authority in your field. Think of the incredible value to your business, from incoming leads to new strategic relationships, not to mention significant influence and thought leadership.

Public speaking is an opportunity like no other to differentiate yourself and your organization… to tell the story of why your content is important and why it matters… to really make a difference.

So why sound like everyone else? Why just meet expectations when giving public presentations? Why not surpass expectations and surprise people? In other words, why not be memorable?

By now you know that one of the best ways to set yourself apart as a business professional and as a leader in your industry is to give effective presentations. The ability to “own a room” like a real pro opens doors of opportunity like nothing else can.

But how do you hone your skills as a presenter? How do you master the art of captivating an audience in order to grow your business? That’s where our Public Speaking Accelerator comes in.

This training and coaching experience will help you master the best practices of many of the world’s leading presenters and truly stand out from the crowd!

You will learn how to deliver powerful presentations using advanced techniques, how to capture and hold your audience’s attention… how to move your listeners to take action… and much, much more!

If you’re ready to become a more effective communicator that gets amazing results, then you’re ready for our Public Speaking Accelerator.


After all, you’ve got an epic story to tell.

Make sure it gets heard.

If you’re ready to become a NEXT LEVEL presenter that gets amazing business results, then you’re ready for Rhapsody’s Public Speaking Accelerator.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand Yourself: The Key to Connecting With Your Audience
  • Master the Basics: Delivering Powerful Presentations Using 4C Methodology
  • Start Strong: How to Capture/Keep Your Audience’s Attention
  • Close with Purpose: Moving Your Listeners to Take Action
  • Leverage Synergy: How to Harness the Power of Team Presentations
  • Handle Yourself Like a Pro: Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Avoid Death by PowerPoint: Developing Strong Visuals

It’s estimated that 30 million presentations are given around the world every day. With that much hot air entering the atmosphere and most of those presentations coming crashing down in a ball of flames leaving their audiences dull, disengaged, or damaged, it’s a serious problem. And it shouldn’t be this way.

Your Facilitator

Eric Deschamps

Eric Deschamps


Eric is the author of “Turbocharge Your Business Now!” and the award-winning Lead Coach at Rhapsody Strategies. He is an accomplished public speaker with over twenty-­five years of experience motivating audiences around the globe. He is “at  home” in front of both large audiences and small, and has a keen ability to connect with his listeners. To get to know Eric better, read this.

Take your speaking skills to the next level and set yourself apart as the obvious choice in your industry!

What People Are Saying

The most powerful part for the day was learning a simple and effective system for creating my presentations. I now have a road map to follow, which makes it easier and faster to put together an impactful talk. Eric has a way of creating a safe environment where even the most reluctant of presenters feels comfortable. I enjoyed being part of a group of people who had a wide range of speaking experience, from zero to 20+ years. The best part was being able to practice the skills throughout the day. Instead of a long boring day of lectures, it was a great interactive way to get real world application.
Pat Blake

Owner, Blake Photography

I am so very grateful to Rhapsody Strategies for the excellent training. Eric Deschamps is an exceptional public speaker who really taught us so much. Everything about the day was great – the space, the pace, the people in the class, the lunch and breaks. Really it was first rate. I am feeling confident in my ability to deliver a compelling presentation now!

Cynthia Bland

Founder, VoiceFound

I was able to put what I learned into action right away. Now I always start my presentation with an impactful question or statement that really catches people’s attention. This has helped me drive home my main points with the audience, so they leave my presentations remembering more of what I shared. I enjoyed the entire day. From the practical application of the skills to the healthy lunch menu, I can’t say enough about my first experience with a Rhapsody Accelerator.
Catherine Fair

Business Coach, Rhapsody Strategies

You took on the task of getting to know your audience prior to meeting them so the day would be relevant to each of us. Even after a full day of training, your enthusiasm and energy level remained high, which kept us inspired. I would definitely recommend your training and coaching to businesses, large and small, that want to improve their performance.

Graham MacNab

National Pre-owned Manager, Mercedes-Benz Canada

As someone who works and teaches in the design industry, I thought I would take the Public Speaking Accelerator to improve my classroom presentations. With attention spans getting shorter these days, I wanted to learn how to really get my students to pay attention. To my surprise, I found the day had the biggest impact on my presentations to other industry professionals. Rhapsody can really teach you how to capture your audience’s attention quickly and keep them engaged. My presentations have benefited dramatically from this one day of training. I highly recommend it to anyone!
Robert Smith

Owner, Greenmelon