My core values are based on curiosity, creativity, compassion, courage, and respect. I believe in human potential and have a genuine sense of curiosity about people. When someone is seeking out coaching, they’re looking to transform, to invest in their personal and professional development. I believe coaching accesses the potential in all of us and helps unleash it. Besides, when going through change, there’s nothing better than having someone in your corner, to bear witness, to keep you accountable, and to help elevate you.

Clarity comes from within, and at Rhapsody we ask the powerful questions that lead to that clarity. People want meaning. For those that know what they’re doing right now isn’t working, what is meaningful to them? What does that mean? What energizes them? That’s part of the discovery. They know they want more meaning, and they’re looking for a way to articulate it. They’re looking for clarity.

My greatest privilege in the work we do is being in a position where people are able to feel vulnerable and safe in our presence to witness their transformation. Helping people restore their confidence when their belief in themselves and their business has deteriorated. Helping them develop and reconnect with their vision of themselves as leaders and seeing a path towards that vision. It’s a passion for me to see people transform, to see them grow, and gain clarity.

That’s why I see coaching as a way of honouring people. It’s not about fixing people. People aren’t there to be fixed. People are whole. They’re integral. It’s about Being in their corner without judgment and honouring who they are, and who they want to become. It’s about helping others unleash their potential. It’s a privilege to see that process unfold.

My advice? It’s ok to dream. In fact I dare it. I’m a dreamer. Don’t worry, we’ll come back to reality, but give yourself permission to dream. People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. We’ll come up with solutions grounded in reality if we give ourselves permission to dream. Dreams fuelled by purpose.

Suzanne Turpin

Ottawa Business Coach


I think of Suzanne often, and know that her part in all of this was indeed instrumental. Suzanne gave me so much confidence, and made me feel that I had something to offer. I think she is a very intelligent and compassionate woman, and very creative in the methods that she uses. I think Suzanne is intuitive, and somehow is able to get right into the spirit of her client. And of course, she is (I know this) an amazing musician.

Suzanne has been a key support during my career transition. Through our coaching process, she has helped me define and articulate my life purpose, and has encouraged me to identify strengths and skills that I have developed throughout my career. She has challenged me to move forward with purpose, optimism, and a concrete action plan. My work with her has given me focus and confidence as well as a renewed outlook on embracing change.

Suzanne has been invaluable in my process of defining my professional goals and directing my career to the next level. She is an excellent listener and has a natural ability to pose powerful questions that lead to uncovering what is truly important. She is resourceful and genuinely interested in facilitating excellent outcomes. Her approach to coaching is holistic, and she is skilled at honing in on the areas that helped me to realize what career and life success means to me and how I want to impact our world.”