I feel most alive when helping business owners and passionate about developing leaders in business.

I grew up in a family business, and from a young age was able to gain a strong perspective on what business owners face. My background in sales, marketing, and coaching has provided me with powerful insight into the business landscape and the challenges that are a part of it.

So many business owners live in a make-believe world about their business. They’re working in a tactical environment and not thinking strategically. They’re scrambling and diluting their efforts by having their attention on multiple fronts, instead of focusing on what really matters.

I’ve learned that succeeding in business requires innovative thinking and the ability to adapt. What I enjoy so much about business coaching is the way in which I can help my clients grow their perspective. I see in others what they may not see themselves, and it’s incredibly rewarding to help people recognize their potential. Inspired action happens when people realize their own “aha-moment” to accelerate their success.

We learn so much when we take the time to ask good questions and I believe that when we really stop to listen to each other with focus and sincere attention, change takes place on many levels. I can help you get back to strategy and build intentionally, instead of getting lost in the weeds of tactics.

Having a business coach on your side can help you achieve clarity and positive change into your life. I’m excited to be a part of the Rhapsody Strategy team because we have the expertise and the systems to support you on your trajectory to success.

You’re meant for more. You’re meant for your own “Ah-ha moment”. Please get in touch and let’s have a conversation.

Rebecca Darling

Kingston Business Coach


Rebecca has been the most valuable resource to me in helping to grow my business. Her knowledge and insights into the ways in which I could set and reach my goals were instrumental in helping me to focus on my strengths and where I needed to improve. She gave me concrete timelines and action items that were realistic and achievable. Her warm personality, coupled with her enthusiasm for my business, made her the best fit as a coach for this neophyte entrepreneur.

Audrey Brown

Artisan Chocolatier, Owner, CocoaBistro