If You’re Just Looking for Office Space, This Isn’t for You

Office space isn’t just about where you put your desk.

It’s about how you do business.

That means being in a space that brings out the best in your team. A place where they want to spend time. A place where they want to make their mark.

It means being part of a business community that supports each other and creates new opportunities together. Where we share and grow and build one another up.

It means space that tells your clients who you are and what’s important to you. That you’re serious about what you do, committed to serving them, and deliberate in everything you do.


This is more than an office

It’s a relationship. It’s a statement.

It’s where you’ll stand for what you believe.

It’s where you’ll challenge yourself and your team to become more.

You’ll be in the heart of the ByWard Market

There’s constant energy and activity in the Market. It’s one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the country. It means something.

The ByWard Market is immediately recognizable and has instant cache. You’ll be making a statement and joining the growing number of creative and service companies that are making the Market home.

And you need to know, Parking is WAY better than you think in the Market.

This is a stunning space with enormous windows and ceiling vaulting up to 10 feet. Old wooden beams, original brick, and gorgeous hardwood make this space inviting and memorable.

This is your space for your future. This is your chance to set the trajectory for your business and your team. We’re waiting for you.

Here’s What You Need to Know

  • ~1,300 square feet
  • Industrial-Grade Internet Access Available
  • Outside Signage Available
  • Original Hardwood Floors (refinished)
  • 10 foot Ceilings
  • Enormous Windows
  • Brick & Beams Throughout
  • Recently Renovated
  • Private Kitchen
  • Multiple Parking Options Nearby
  • $3,500 / month +HST
  • Part of the Rhapsody Community


If you know this space is for you, email us now.