“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela


I think I could see it coming.

Now that I look back, there were signs. Lights were flashing, alarms were sounding, and family and friends were trying to make me aware of the imminent danger.

However, just as I had always done, I allowed the signs to whiz right by me. I never stopped or even slowed down enough to register any of the warnings.

Burnout was a word or condition I associated with others. Never myself. I recall joking that I had no time for burnout. I was too busy being busy. I was the queen of covering up pain with productivity, and yes, it did catch up to me.

In January 2016, I lost my mother and everything stopped. My world stopped turning, my productivity ground to a halt, and all my busy work just did not matter anymore.

I wrapped a blanket around myself, told my family to have a good day each morning as they left the house and curled up in my chair.

Two months would pass before I began to emerge from my nest and start to reflect on life “before”. I thought a lot about the woman I was and the woman I needed to become.

I felt unfulfilled.

I felt like a fraud.

I was missing out on life. I missed my family and friends.

I was tired. And I was tired of being tired. So many years had passed in a blur and regret was settling into my soul.

I didn’t want that life anymore. I wanted more and I felt deep down that I was meant for more.

As I began to consider what “more” really meant, some ideas emerged:

I wanted to live authentically; I was tired of the hustle.

I wanted to know my true purpose.

I wanted to support others in a deeper way. Many of the preceding years had been dedicated to working with business owners, but now I wanted to be very deliberate.

I no longer wanted to go through my life just reacting to circumstances.

It came down to this:




As it turned out, it wasn’t so easy. I had formed habits that were so ingrained that most of the efforts I made on my own resulted in me falling back into old patterns. I would just end up feeling disillusioned and discouraged.

I came to realize that if I was truly going to change my life, I couldn’t do it on my own. I had tried that for years and it had led to burnout. Learning to live intentionally was going to require new skills that I just did not possess.




When I finally found the courage to reach out and get support, everything changed.

I found a coach who helped me find clarity, put actions around my new intentional life and stayed with me throughout the journey.

I rediscovered who I was designed to be.

I discovered my purpose, and the exhausting fog I had been living in has dissipated.

I am now intentionally living my Epic Life.

Are you?

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Raelene Bergen Harder | Montreal Business Coach

I coach people through personal and professional transitions to better understand who they were designed to be. Often we are shaped based on life situations and circumstances that can lead us away from the core of who we are. Having the courage to change is incredibly brave, and you don’t have to do it alone. Understanding who you’re designed to be, as an individual and as a business, is integral to a successful, fulfilling and EPIC life. Raelene

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