I remember when I had the “aha” moment. I was working with a coach and it changed my life.

Like most people, my career didn’t end up where I thought it would. I thought I was going to be a lawyer. Instead, I ended up being recruited as a Business Development Manager, working with government accountants and consultants, and began working my way up through various roles and organizations during my business career.

But it was sucking the life out of me.

Along the way, I benefited from some exceptional mentoring and coaching that helped me explore my potential and uncover my passions. And during my career, I sought out roles and opportunities that let me coach and help people. I’ve found over the years that family and friends continuously turn to me for perspective and advice or just to listen and support. No matter what I did, the coaching bug kept coming back to me.

I’ve always been driven by my passion to help people find their true potential. What I’ve discovered, is that I’ve always been drawn to coaching.

For me, Coaching is all about the power of questions that help people on their path of discovery. I believe that everyone holds the answers to their dreams within themselves, so by asking the right questions I can bring a different perspective that helps them to better understand what’s inside. While we have countless tools, resources, and methodologies, there are few things so powerful as a good question.

There are so many distractions in our fast-paced world and we’re all used to getting information quickly. But just giving answers won’t help people learn and grow. I can’t tell you what’s best for your life or what it is you really want, but I can help you make sense of what’s inside you. I can help you make course corrections by giving you the tools that you can use to grow as both an individual and a leader.

I love to travel! I think it’s because I’m naturally inquisitive and love exploring new ideas and experiences. I love to network: to not only connect with people, but help other people make connections. I believe that relationships are so important and if you work with others to help lift them up, you yourself will be elevated as well. We are constantly learning from each other and bringing minds together can help us to grow faster and farther than one mind alone.

I joined Rhapsody because from the moment that I stepped in the Rhapsody office, I felt a jolt of energy. Everyone was brimming with positive energy and I could immediately tell that these were my people! These were driven, passionate individuals who will challenge me and allow me to challenge them. As a coach, I want to be part of a strong brand with incredible people who have the same goals as me:

Helping people pursue their dreams.

Kimberly Cheesman

Ottawa Business & Life Coach


“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”

Kimberly is a person who I have often turned to for both professional and life advice. She is an incredibly easy person to speak to as she is trustworthy, takes time to understand you and is always willing to lend a helpful hand. She has the ability to see the positive in every situation and is always very motivating and encouraging. No matter what the situation at hand, Kimberly will provide the right balance of good listening with sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Catherine Millar

Kim is a business coach I have been working with for the past few months and not only have I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, but have had great success in doing so.
If you are looking for a business coach, I highly recommend her!

Stephanie Kay

Founder/Owner, Kay Nutrition

Kimberly is a people person; she has the ability to listen and to ask the right questions to get you to focus and discover new ways and solutions to everyday challenges. Kimberly can help you prioritize what is important in your personal and professional life and can help guide you to surround yourself with people and tasks that add positive energy to your day.

Andrée LaRose

No matter what business you are in, at some point you will be dealing with other human beings. It’s that simple and yet it’s not! I chose Rhapsody Strategies and Kimberly Cheesman because everyone I knew who had done the Jumpstart Program and/or the DISC Profile came away determined and armed to drive their business in a new and focused direction. When I met with Kimberly to go over the results of my assessments, I was very surprised at how comprehensive the information was. During our 4-hour meeting I learned things about myself I would never have on my own. Kimberly is a savvy business person who can relate to any profession and connect with you on a personal level that quite frankly caused some serious introspection on my part. I immediately used my results to implement the outlined 90-Day Action Plan developed for me and regularly refer to my DISC profile for guidance when dealing with clients. My business has improved, increased and profited as a direct result. It’s cliché to say but it is the best money I have invested in my business and myself to date.

Fiona Simard

Real Estate Sales Representative

When it comes to giving advice there are lots of people that talk a good game, but Kimberly has a natural ability to listen first and truly engage. She gives people the confidence to share their stories and uses strategic questions as a means to arrive at a solution. By working with Kimberly you can expect honesty, integrity, and dedication. I know that with Kimberly I’m always in good hands.

Julia Chehaiber

When I first started working with Kimberly, I was a bit skeptical about the value that I would get out of her coaching services. Now that we have been working together for several months, the seemingly insignificant package has turned out to be an extremely significant one. Not only has Kimberly helped me save a lot of time by focusing my energies more efficiently and effectively and become more productive as a result, she has given me peace of mind knowing that I have an expert readily available when I need her.

Melany Peters

Independent Financial Advisor, R.G. Packman & Associates