“Take the first step and the second will reveal itself.”

This is an important statement, and to me, it is the foundation of business coaching.

The greatest compliment I’ve had from a client is “You’re one of the good ones”. To me, that meant I was making an impact and that’s what motivates me. I love making an impact!

Leading up to becoming a Business Coach, I often wondered about the fact that I’ve worked in so many different ‘arenas’ throughout my life. There have been times when I thought there might be something wrong with that. I’ve now discovered that they were all just learning modules to become best Business Coach I can be. How great is that?

People come to me when they’re not sure what to do and who to turn to. Sometimes it’s the reassurance that, when their circumstances are shaky and uncertain, they know I have their back. My clients trust me and know that I care. It’s not something I take lightly, and I am honoured and humbled by the trust my clients have in me.

I’ve often been asked what my best piece of business advice is.


There are so many great business books out there. Get in touch with me and I’d be happy to give you some suggestions that are specific to your business.

I’m truly at my best when I can re-energize in the outdoors. When I’m not coaching, that’s more than likely where you’ll find me. In fact, I frequently cycle to our Byward Market office from Orleans. But my favourite thing to do is backcountry canoeing. To me, there’s nothing like it!

When are you truly at your best? Is your business bringing that out in you? Want it to?

Are you stuck and wondering what might be the best route of action for you to take? Call me. Let’s talk. I can help.

Take the first step and the second will reveal itself.”

Catherine Fair

Certified Business Coach