The 2017 Impact Accelerator

You know you’re meant for more in 2017.


If you’re thinking about attending the Impact Accelerator, sign up now. It changed my life!
Jennifer ReynoldsOwnerThe Law Office of Jennifer Reynolds

The 2017 Impact Accelerator

Thursday January 5, 2017

This is NOT your average goal setting seminar. Goals just aren’t enough. But when you tap into a deeper level of vision and clarity, it will drive you beyond what any list of goals could ever promise.

Are you ready to wrestle with tough questions and get really clear on who you are and what you’re building?

Are you ready to come together with other business leaders committed to playing at a new level in 2017?

Are you prepared to invest ONE DAY to have your greatest YEAR ever?

Do you have an impossible future that you want to find the courage to create this year?

Are you prepared to reach deep into yourself and unleash a level of commitment that you’ve never had?

Are you ready to look hard in the mirror, see yourself with fresh eyes, and set a bold new course in the New Year?

Are you willing to be confronted and challenged by dangerous conversations that will lead to powerful results?

If you are prepared for greatness, then you’re ready for the 2017 Impact Accelerator.


Accelerate your results in 2017

If you are ready to crush obstacles that have held you back and totally
commit to a wildly successful year then our team will
be waiting for you this December.

What to Expect

We’ve said it before and you’ll hear it again. On it’s own GOAL SETTING DOESN’T WORK. Most planning fails. Typically goals are just a list of desires that aren’t attached to anything that truly resonates in you.

We will teach you how to change your thinking to accelerate your results, rooting your goals at a deeper level that will drive massive action. You will leave understanding what drives you, with key steps you need to take to see immediate results, and equipped with an impact plan that will be the foundation for an extraordinary year.

Accelerate your results in 2015!

We are deeply committed to transforming people and organizations, and we will be with you every step of the way. From the time you register right through 2017, we will be in touch and keeping you accountable.

Invest a DAY to make your YEAR.

What People Are Saying

The seminar was perfect! I learned more in a few hours than I have in the five years I have been working on my own. The speakers were very passionate about what they were sharing and I believe that working with them will make my business be more successful than I ever thought possible!
Jules HillikerOttawa


Event Details

Thursday January 5, 2017,

9 am – 5 pm

18 Byward Market Square, Third Floor

Investment: $749 + HST

Includes assignments leading up to the workshop, DISC assessment and monthly accountability follow up. Come prepared for meaningful conversations,  exercises that make you take a hard look at yourself and your company and ready to chart an impact plan that is big, bold and powerful beyond measure. Breakfast, lunch, and brain powered snacks will all be provided.

One DAY could change your LIFE.