Business Coaching


We hear these statements all the time from seasoned business leaders and new owners alike. When they tell us, we hear the frustration, the exhaustion and, sometimes, the fear.


It doesn’t have to be this way. You can change this. We can change this together.


You can get more out of your life and business. And working with a business coach is the fastest and most effective way to get there.


There’s a point where we each realize that what got us here won’t get us there.


There’s a point where we have to take a new approach to get what we’re really after. By now you know what needs to change, it’s just a matter of making it happen. Together.  

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Our business coaches are experienced business leaders.


Our certified business coaches are highly qualified and have gone through rigorous training, evaluation, and assessment program. 

Our coaches are award winners.

They are distinguished in business.

They work closely with other business leaders like you. Leaders who know they have more to offer.

They’ll work with you to build a unique plan so you get the results you need.






“I had never worked with a coach that took the time to research our goals and design a program focused on each person’s personal development. You got to know us prior to meeting us so that the training would be more relevant. I would definitely recommend your training and coaching to businesses, large and small, that want to improve their performance.”


Graham MacNab

National Pre-Owned Manager, Mercedes-Benz Canada

Your business is unique. There’s no other business exactly like it. So we structure our coaching to match where you and your business are at, right now.


An intensive, accelerated program of assessment and business strategy planning. A great option to powerfully transform and grow your business right away.

One-on-One Business Coaching

Assessing and planning your business strategy through a coaching program customized for you and your business. Your coach is with you every step of the way with UNLIMITED phone & email support.


Our monthly program combining group coaching, networking and masterminding all in one experience, plus monthly individual check-ins with your coach.

Social Media Coaching

Our Social Media Coaching empowers you to use social media to get positive results for your business. Our coaches will work with you to clearly define the business goals you need to achieve.

Are you interested in other Rhapsody Strategies services? Many of our business and leadership coaching options can be bundled with other Rhapsody coaching and training programs. Ask us how!